IPF AGM 2018 Minutes


The Irish Powerlifting Federation AGM was held on Saturday 30th June 2018 at 13:00 in Revolution Fitness, Dublin.

The attached PDF referenced below is the presentation used and modified on the day. It is available here.


Members in attendance (43): Amy Nolan, Shannon Pollock, Eric Killeen, Leslie Hoare, Louis Warren, Noel Whelan, Aisling McManus, Deividas Barisas, Medb Murtagh, Stephen Cusack, Arthur Lynch, Karen Barry, James Hanley, Hazeline Hu, Sean Ryan, Alison O’Reilly, Seosamh Ó Griallais, Hannah Stephenson, Jonny Gardner, Ryan Lee, Lukasz Kalinski, Caroline Cunniffe, Jay Farrant, Rob Burke, Louise Millar, Barry Pigott, Alexandra Kapka, Ricky Mullan, Claire Conway, Danny Mcilhagga, Fiona Walshe, Luke Curran, Louise Kenna, Lucille Rowan, Paul Kelly, Jack Peters, Vitalijs Boronenko, Graeme Moore, Joe Macken, Kilian Kirsch, Sean Crowe, Lauren Rooney, Chloe-Jade McDonald

President’s Address

  • Seán Ryan spoke to the recent success of the Federation at International level as well as the continued growth of the Federation domestically.
  • Seán thanked the Committee, competition volunteers, referees, and coaching teams for all of their hard work.
  • Seán announced his attention to resign at the end of the 2018 AGM.

Vice-President’s Address

  • As in the attached PDF.

Financial Report

  • As in the attached PDF.
  • There was a query from the floor regarding the potential to use the “cash on hand” funds for further anti-doping investment. The need to keep a running cash balance for emergencies, unforeseen expenditure, etc. was outlined and accepted.

Performance Updates

  • As in the attached PDF.

Anti-Doping Report

  • As in the attached PDF.

The IrishPF / NIPF Agreement

An extensive, constructive, and productive debate was held with many contributions from the floor. The proposed IrishPF National & International Eligibility Criteria were refined multiple times with contributions from the floor.

The main areas of debate were:

  • Eligibility for IrishPF National & International competitions and teams.
  • Inclusivity of the NIPF Membership and allowance for dual Irish-British identities.
  • Representative implications for NIPF lifters who represent NIR.

Ultimately, the members present were asked to vote on three possible outcomes:

  1. Continue the IrishPF / NIPF Agreement, incorporating the IrishPF National & International Eligibility Criteria and providing the most lifter-friendly and inclusive environment possible.
  2. Discontinue the IrishPF / NIPF Agreement and instead put in place a Partnership focused on co-operative competitions but largely operating as distinct Federations.
  3. Discontinue any formal or informal relationship between the IrishPF and the NIPF.

The IrishPF Membership voted overwhelmingly in favour of Option 1 to continue the IrishPF / NIPF Agreement subject to the following conditions:

  • The IrishPF National & International Eligibility Criteria are referenced and acknowledged in the Agreement.
  • NIPF lifters retain the right to represent Northern Ireland in British Powerlifting Four Nations / Home Nations events without affecting their IrishPF eligibility.
  • NIPF lifters who represent Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Championships (or any other such Commonwealth event) will be subject to the usual IPF three-year exclusion rule as would apply when representing any other IPF affiliate Internationally.
  • No NIPF lifters eligibility will be affected retroactively / retrospectively.

This is a fantastic outcome for all lifters on the island of Ireland and we thank the IrishPF and NIPF Committees and their advisors for their extensive, dedicated, and challenging work which always put the lifter first. Particular thanks are owed to Louise Millar, Alexandra Kapka, Ricky Mullan, Rob Burke, and Jay Farrant for their contributions.

IrishPF National & International Eligibility

  • As in the attached PDF and to be published on the IrishPF website.

Member’s Motions

Note: Motions I-3 to I-13 are outlined in the attached PDF and, thus, only the outcome is described here. Motions 14–16 came from the floor at the AGM and are described in more detail.

I-3: Additional Powerlifting Workshops

Decision: No – the IrishPF should not run general powerlifting workshops.

I-4: Allow the ladies to remove their T-shirts for deadlifts.

No vote possible as a ‘Yes’ vote would put the IrishPF in contravention of IPF rules. See AGM-I-10. The IrishPF will bring a motion to the next IPF Congress to alter the rule for ladies deadlifts.

I-5: More weight classes for the ladies.

No vote possible as a ‘Yes’ vote would put the IrishPF in contravention of IPF rules.

I-6: Commonwealth lifters suspended from National team selection  / National Level Comps

No vote required due to the IrishPF / NIPF Agreement and the IrishPF National & International Eligibility Criteria.

I-7: I-7: Executive Committee Extension

Decision: Agree. The Technical Officer shall be added to the Executive Committee and serve a four-year term.

I-8: Club or IrishPF Tracksuit to be worn on podiums at National level events from 2019+

Decision: Agree – Club/IrishPF tracksuits mandatory for National Level event podiums.
The IrishPF will endeavour to have generic “loaner” tracksuits available for anyone who podiums and doesn’t have one to hand.

I-9: International OPEN lifters to receive a cap for representing Ireland

Decision: The IrishPF will recognise ALL lifters who represent Ireland in a cost-effective way exploring options including caps, badges, patches, etc.

I-10: Males to keep tshirts on for deadlifts

Decision: Agree – Males will be required to wear t-shirts for deadlifts effective immediately.

I-11: Invitations for All-Irelands to be sent out 12 weeks in advance of the competition

Decision: Agree – All Ireland invitations must be sent no later than twelve (12) weeks pre-event.

I-12: All-Ireland Championships to be selected from Regional or National Team athletes only

Decision: Disagree.

I-13: Limiting the amount of non essential personnel in warm up area

Decision: Agree. The IrishPF and Meet Directors may apply regular International coaching limits to domestic competitions.

I-14: The IrishPF will provide transparency on all International selections.

Decision: Agree. The IrishPF will publish selection criteria and reasoning for all International selections.

I-15: There will be a formal multi-directional debrief post International competitions.

Decision: Agree. There will be formal debriefs from Athlete, Coach, and Team Manager with both direct and anonymous feedback provided in all directions after International competitions.

I-16: A clause will be added to International selections requring the athlete to adhere to the coaching and attempt selections of their assigned meet-day handler.

Decision: Agree. Athletes will be asked to agree to abide by their meet-day coach’s handling and attempt selections without consulting other coaches during the meet itself.

Committee Elections

    • Anti-Doping Officer: Tara Conlon (re-elected)
    • Competition Officer: Shannon Pollock & Lauren Rooney (dual-role)
    • Membership Officer: Stephen Cusack
    • Records Officer: Fiona Glynn
    • Social Media Officer: Ryan Lee
    • Technical Officer: Jonny Gardner
    • Website Officer: Medb Murtagh (nominated from the floor)

Extra-Ordinary Elections:


As IrishPF President Seán Ryan announced his intention to resign at the end of the AGM, he vacated the role of President at this point.

IrishPF Vice-President Rob Burke was nominated and seconded, there were no other nominations, and Rob Burke was unanimously elected IrishPF President.


As Rob Burke was elected IrishPF President, the role of Vice-President was vacated.

Three nominations were taken from the floor:

  • Seán Crowe
  • Arthur Lynch
  • Danny McIlhagga

All three nominees addressed the AGM for one minute each and a vote was held.

Arthur Lynch was elected IrishPF Vice-President after a tight vote.


The AGM was then closed by newly elected IrishPF President Rob Burke who thanked former President Seán Ryan for his dedication to the IrishPF over the preceding three years.

It is safe to say the IrishPF would not exist, much less be the success it has been to date, without Seán’s tireless work.



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