The final entry list for the IPF/NIPF All Irelands 2018 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSessionLot
Clare PattersonUlster00230F – 72kgASunday Morning1
Carrie CarmichaelUlsterQueryF – 72kgASunday Morning2
Freya HammerMunster00581F – 84kgASunday Morning3
Aisling JudgeLeinster00060F – 84kgASunday Morning4
Louise KennaLeinster00113F – 84kgASunday Morning5
Alison O'ReillyLeinster00290F – 84kgASunday Morning6
Kyla MulhollandUlster00490F – 84kg+ASunday Morning7
Donna IvieLeinster00541F – 84kg+ASunday Morning8
Noel WhelanLeinster00107M – 66kgBSunday Morning9
Philip BarrUlsterQueryM – 74kgBSunday Morning10
Lukasz KalinskiLeinster00616M – 74kgBSunday Morning11
Jonathan MurphyUlster01083M – 74kgBSunday Morning12
Jonny GardnerUlster00482M – 93kgBSunday Morning13
Christopher McBrideUlster01064M – 93kgBSunday Morning14
Shayne MoneUlster00913M – 93kgBSunday Morning15
Sean RyanUlster00288M – 93kgBSunday Morning16
Rourke ByrneLeinster00346M – 93kgBSunday Morning17
David GagnonMunster00711M – 93kgBSunday Morning18
Geina McGrathMunster00775F – 57kgCSunday Afternoon1
Noreen McDermottUlster00896F – 57kgCSunday Afternoon2
Amy DicksonUlster00446F – 57kgCSunday Afternoon3
Julie KearneyUlster00864F – 57kgCSunday Afternoon4
Finola YoungUlster00470F – 63kgCSunday Afternoon5
Emma McDermottLeinster01003F – 63kgCSunday Afternoon6
Gabrielle ErvineUlster00106F – 63kgCSunday Afternoon7
Tara MaguireMunster00547F – 63kgCSunday Afternoon8
Martin CummingsUlster00883M – 105kgDSunday Afternoon9
Anthony McLegganUlster01060M – 105kgDSunday Afternoon10
David TwomeyMunster00228M – 105kgDSunday Afternoon11
Kenneth NwaezeigweMunster00218M – 105kgDSunday Afternoon12
Derrie SuttonLeinster00538M – 105kgDSunday Afternoon13
Luke CurranLeinster00084M – 105kgDSunday Afternoon14
Seosamh ó GriallaisConnacht00334M – 120kgDSunday Afternoon15
Matthew HenryUlster00506M – 83kgDSunday Afternoon16
Mark ComiskeyLeinster00078M – 83kgDSunday Afternoon17
William ClarkeMunster00338M – 83kgDSunday Afternoon18
Lee ClarkeMunster00762M – 83kgDSunday Afternoon19