The IPF Connacht Championships 2019 is nearly here!

Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your competition day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IPF Connacht Championships 2019 will be held in TJ Reid Health & Fitness, Galway on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November 2019.

Venue Address
TJ Reid Health & Fitness, Galway
Arus Bothar na Tra
Dr Mannix Rd

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-InsAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeAwardsFlights
Saturday Morning07:00 – 08:3008:3009:00 – 13:0013:15A, B
Saturday Afternoon11:30 – 13:0013:0013:00 – 16:3016:45C, D
Saturday Evening15:00 – 16:3016:3017:00 – 19:0019:15E, F
Sunday Morning08:00 – 09:3009:3010:00 – 14:0014:15G, H
Sunday Afternoon12:30 – 14:0014:0014:30 – 18:0018:15I, J


Please review the IPF’s 2017 Anti-Doping Letter. If you have any queries then please contact Dr. Tara Conlon (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc. If you miss weight on the day, you are welcome to compete as a guest but will not be eligible for placings or prizes.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List


The final entry list is below.

Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

Ian BensonM – 105kg BA.B.S Powerlifting00548ASaturday Morning
Owen MurphyM – 105kg BCork City Powerlifting Club01352ASaturday Morning
Darren BennettM – 105kg BDB Strength & Performance00434ASaturday Morning
Les HoganM – 105kg BStudio One01325ASaturday Morning
Stephen ManningM – 105kg BEverStrength Training00567ASaturday Morning
Gary O'ConnorM – 105kg BCityGym Limerick00356ASaturday Morning
Stephen ShineM – 105kg BStudio One01521ASaturday Morning
Jamie CuddyM – 105kg BEQ Strength & Conditioning01600ASaturday Morning
Gary WilliamsonM – 105kg BCork City Powerlifting Club01250ASaturday Morning
Eoghan O'ConnorM – 105kg BThe Garage01386ASaturday Morning
Christopher DeanM – 105kg BCityGym Limerick00943ASaturday Morning
Kevin BarryM – 105kg BMaximum Results01590ASaturday Morning
Robin MartinjakM – 105kg B-01388ASaturday Morning
John NeillM – 105kg BO'Neill Powerlifting01248ASaturday Morning
Conor O'SheaM – 120kgDublin Strength & Conditioning00301BSaturday Morning
Danny McilhaggaM – 105kg ACustom Strength00001BSaturday Morning
Adam GlennonM – 120kg+-00710BSaturday Morning
Padraig TanseyM – 120kg+Storm Body Fitness00982BSaturday Morning
Derrie SuttonM – 120kgRevolution FitnessQUERYBSaturday Morning
Tom DalyM – 120kgStudio One01634BSaturday Morning
Ben HarrisonM – 120kgKaos Gym00293BSaturday Morning
Thomas FahertyM – 105kg AUniversity of Limerick01627BSaturday Morning
Donal O'BrienM – 120kgCork City Powerlifting Club00802BSaturday Morning
Andrew McCartneyM – 105kg ACustom Strength00449BSaturday Morning
Kevin LetfordM – 120kg+EverStrength Training01037BSaturday Morning
Noel KellyM – 120kgStudio One01515BSaturday Morning
Luke CurranM – 105kg ARevolution Fitness00084BSaturday Morning
Dawn SteacyF – 52kgCork City Powerlifting Club01322CSaturday Afternoon
Mairead MurphyF – 52kgKinetic Training Systems00602CSaturday Afternoon
Lynda DalyF – 57kgCityGym Limerick01630CSaturday Afternoon
Rachael KirwanF – 57kgA.B.S Powerlifting01602CSaturday Afternoon
Karen KeatingeF – 57kgStrength Militia00343CSaturday Afternoon
Aoife McCarthyF – 52kg-00688CSaturday Afternoon
Anna DeanF – 52kgCityGym Limerick01517CSaturday Afternoon
Claire TierneyF – 47kgStudio One01316CSaturday Afternoon
Jenny WilsonF – 57kgStrength Militia00857CSaturday Afternoon
Eva ButterlyF – 47kg-01611CSaturday Afternoon
Gemma DaveyF – 52kgCityGym Limerick00313CSaturday Afternoon
Martina HanniffyF – 57kg-00569CSaturday Afternoon
Noreen Mc DermottF – 63kgStrength MilitiaQUERYDSaturday Afternoon
Karen Mc DonnellF – 63kg-00627DSaturday Afternoon
Aviva WalshF – 63kgA.B.S Powerlifting01592DSaturday Afternoon
Geina McGrathF – 63kgStrength Militia00775DSaturday Afternoon
Michaela LeonardF – 63kg-01505DSaturday Afternoon
Holly O'ReillyF – 63kgAKA FitnessQUERYDSaturday Afternoon
Tara MaguireF – 63kgStudio One00547DSaturday Afternoon
Lucia HughesF – 63kg-01609DSaturday Afternoon
Gabrielle ErvineF – 63kgCustom Strength00106DSaturday Afternoon
Laura BuckleyF – 63kgA.B.S Powerlifting01581DSaturday Afternoon
James FoxM – 83kgStrength Militia01637ESaturday Evening
Kevin CroughanM – 83kg-00178ESaturday Evening
Michael KielyM – 83kg-00351ESaturday Evening
Conor NolanM – 83kgGalway Powerlifting Club01591ESaturday Evening
Ryan LeeM – 83kgCustom Strength00524ESaturday Evening
Jackie DohertyM – 83kgO'Flaherty Fitness & Performance00271ESaturday Evening
Bobby LeaskM – 83kgGalway Strength & Performance01596ESaturday Evening
Benny GilliganM – 83kgAthlone Powerlifting Club00713ESaturday Evening
Andrew RyanM – 83kgCityGym Limerick01593ESaturday Evening
Eric KilleenM – 83kgRevolution Fitness00081ESaturday Evening
Graham JackM – 83kgSayers Strength00953ESaturday Evening
Marc StanleyM – 83kgCork City Powerlifting Club01528ESaturday Evening
Adam JoyM – 83kgKaos Gym01522ESaturday Evening
Luke FitzgeraldM – 83kgEQ Strength & Conditioning01571ESaturday Evening
Patrick JenningsM – 83kg-01194ESaturday Evening
Hannah TreanorF – 72kgA.B.S Powerlifting00999GSunday Morning
Mairead FitzpatrickF – 72kgSigma Nutrition00991GSunday Morning
Carol LennonF – 72kgCityGym Limerick00562GSunday Morning
Geneviève HuskensF – 72kgA.B.S Powerlifting01387GSunday Morning
Lesley ShinnickF – 72kgA.B.S Powerlifting01364GSunday Morning
Gemma MarkeyF – 72kgCityGym Limerick00945GSunday Morning
Grace TedfordF – 72kgSayers Strength01245GSunday Morning
Angela O'ConnorF – 72kg-01555GSunday Morning
Danielle GaultF – 72kgStrength Militia00644GSunday Morning
Charleen CoenF – 72kg-01527GSunday Morning
Emma McDermottF – 72kgA.B.S Powerlifting01003GSunday Morning
Oonagh MorrissyF – 72kgStrength Militia01351GSunday Morning
Susan CritchleyF – 72kgStudio One01232GSunday Morning
Liona HanleyF – 72kgCork City Powerlifting Club01367GSunday Morning
Niamh DelaneyF – 72kgA.B.S PowerliftingQUERYGSunday Morning
Maeve MannionF – 72kgPearson Fitness & Performance01605GSunday Morning
Cliona O'DriscollF – 84kg+Kaos Gym01372HSunday Morning
Joanne GreeneF – 84kgCityGym Limerick00319HSunday Morning
Tracey KellyF – 84kg+Strength Militia00593HSunday Morning
Margaret CareyF – 84kgKaos Gym01594HSunday Morning
Leigh PorterF – 84kg-01161HSunday Morning
Nicole CraigF – 84kgKJ Powerlifting Club00397HSunday Morning
Fidelma GilliganF – 84kgAthlone Powerlifting Club00714HSunday Morning
Donna IvieF – 84kg+Kaos Gym00541HSunday Morning
Sarah May HamiltonF – 84kg+Strength Militia01338HSunday Morning
Niamh DoyleF – 84kg+-00760HSunday Morning
Maeve CumminsF – 84kgStrength Militia00190HSunday Morning
Hannah McKeeF – 84kg+Strength Militia00851HSunday Morning
Sinead MarleyF – 84kg+Cork City Powerlifting Club01511HSunday Morning
Paul MurphyM – 93kg BCork City Powerlifting Club01361ISunday Afternoon
Darren MoloneyM – 74kg-00773ISunday Afternoon
Shane StoreyM – 93kg BA.B.S Powerlifting01188ISunday Afternoon
Eesa AlshuaibM – 74kgA.B.S Powerlifting01390ISunday Afternoon
Kevin BowersM – 93kg B-01603ISunday Afternoon
Peter GreenM – 74kg-01624ISunday Afternoon
Tommy HouriganM – 74kgStudio One00780ISunday Afternoon
James CooganM – 74kgStrength Militia00035ISunday Afternoon
Michael BurkeM – 74kgCityGym Limerick01406ISunday Afternoon
Gary DalyM – 93kg BCityGym Limerick01599ISunday Afternoon
Brian LynchM – 74kgStrength Militia01150ISunday Afternoon
Shane HannanM – 93kg BCityGym Limerick01633ISunday Afternoon
Matthew OglesbyM – 74kg-01586ISunday Afternoon
Stephen CusackM – 93kg ACityGym LimerickQUERYJSunday Afternoon
Adam SantorelliM – 93kg A-00359JSunday Afternoon
Sean KeyesM – 93kg AStudio One01320JSunday Afternoon
Marc KeysM – 93kg A-QUERYJSunday Afternoon
Ivars ZemvaldsM – 93kg APearson Fitness & Performance01256JSunday Afternoon
Warren YelvertonM – 93kg AMallow Extreme SCC Gym01255JSunday Afternoon
Arthur LynchM – 93kg ACityGym Limerick00213JSunday Afternoon
Billy MortonM – 93kg ACork City Powerlifting Club01601JSunday Afternoon
Dan HurleyM – 93kg A-00055JSunday Afternoon