We’re getting lots of queries about IPF Junior & Masters Nationals 2018 so we hope to answer some of the main questions in this post.
This weekend’s IPF July Open 2018 (14-15 July) will be the final competition we consider for IPF Junior & Masters Nationals 2018.
Key Info for IPF Junior & Masters Nationals 2018:
  • The championships take place on November 3rd and 4th in Revolution Fitness, Dublin.
  • Lifters will be able to break National Records at this event.
  • Lifters will also be able to qualify for IPF Nationals 2019 (Open) at this event.
  • Invitations will go to lifters by 31st July 2018.
  • We will consider totals from August 2017 to July 2018 for entry.

We do not yet know what the final invitation criteria will be.

It’s impossible to use our Open Nationals Top 7 process because there are 92 potential classes (SJ, JR, M1, M2, M3, M4 multiplied by 15 weight classes + 2 extra for SJ).

Many of those 92 potential classes have zero totals in them so are irrelevant anyway. Many of them have just one or two totals. And a handful are quite deep (e.g. JR 83s).

Once we have the final list of all Junior & Masters totals we will calculate a fair and equitable way to distribute the spots we can accommodate (roughly 112 to balance a great event and keeping a high standard high whilst maximising the number we can invite).

As with every other invitation-only event we run, the invitation process will be transparent and we’ll work to make it as fair as possible to the maximum number of lifters.

We’ll come back with a further update early next week once the July Open results are in and we can publish all of the totals we’re looking at when considering Junior & Masters Nationals invites.