Updated: 18th February 2018.

The final entry list for the Irish Powerlifting Federation’s March Open 2018 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSessionLot
Levi KeavneyThe Gym BallinaMM – 66kgASaturday AM1
Jason FinanSouth Dublin Strength & ConditioningQUERYM – 74kgASaturday AM2
James KellyCityGym LimerickMM – 74kgASaturday AM3
Craig McDermott-MM – 74kgASaturday AM4
Ryan LeeCustom StrengthMM – 74kgASaturday AM5
Ryan Finlay-MM – 74kgASaturday AM6
Kevin CampbellStrength MilitiaMM – 74kgASaturday AM8
Tomek Gluch-QUERYM – 74kgASaturday AM9
Kevin PlamadealaKinetic Training SystemsMM – 93kgBSaturday AM10
Pearse Tohill-QUERYM – 93kgBSaturday AM11
Cathal McLoughlin-MM – 93kgBSaturday AM12
Brian McIntyreEverStrength TrainingMM – 93kgBSaturday AM13
Paul HennessyFitt Conditioning FinglasMM – 93kgBSaturday AM15
Jonny GardnerCustom StrengthMM – 93kgBSaturday AM16
Richard Maher#TeamGrindLifeMM – 93kgBSaturday AM17
Andrew Strickland-MM – 93kgBSaturday AM18
Conor Kennedy-MM – 93kgBSaturday AM19
William Kennedy-MM – 93kgBSaturday AM20
Keith RichardsonStorm Body FitnessMM – 105kgCSaturday AM21
Michael Corcoran-MM – 105kgCSaturday AM22
Patrick ClancyStorm Body FitnessMM – 105kgCSaturday AM23
Andrew McCartneyCustom StrengthMM – 105kgCSaturday AM24
Daniel McilhaggaCustom StrengthMM – 105kgCSaturday AM25
Daniel McHughMullingar Powerlifting ClubMM – 105kgCSaturday AM26
Ryan GorevanStorm Body FitnessMM – 105kgCSaturday AM27
Conor MarkeyIron Worx StrengthMM – 120kgCSaturday AM28
Padraig TanseyStorm Body FitnessMM – 120kg+CSaturday AM29
Sinead MccarthyBlockII GymQUERYF – 57kgDSaturday PM1
Sarah ScallanSouth Dublin Strength & ConditioningFF – 57kgDSaturday PM2
Clodagh GreeneIron Worx StrengthFF – 57kgDSaturday PM3
Mary Looby-FF – 57kgDSaturday PM4
Gemma DaveyStorm Body FitnessFF – 57kgDSaturday PM5
Sarah Jane DevaneyAthlone Powerlifting ClubFF – 57kgDSaturday PM6
Hannah StephensonA.B.S. PowerliftingFF – 72kgDSaturday PM7
Donna FlahertyBlockII GymFF – 72kgDSaturday PM8
Ailbhe O'DalyImpact Strength & PerformanceFF – 72kgDSaturday PM9
Jennifer GearyIron Worx StrengthFF – 72kgDSaturday PM10
Anna Marie O'DonoghueIron Worx StrengthFF – 72kgDSaturday PM11
Corrina McConnellStrength MilitiaQUERYF – 72kgDSaturday PM12
Lucille RowanCG FitnessFF – 72kgDSaturday PM13
Maeve Cummins-FF – 72kgDSaturday PM14
Karina CallinanCityGym LimerickFF – 63kgESaturday PM15
Sandra CoyneStronglife GymFF – 63kgESaturday PM16
Margaret HigginsFrench VanoliFF – 63kgESaturday PM17
Dawn MurphyPeak Performance AcademyFF – 63kgESaturday PM18
Aoife O'SullivanA.B.S. PowerliftingFF – 63kgESaturday PM19
Emma McDermottA.B.S. PowerliftingFF – 63kgESaturday PM20
Clodagh Higgins-FF – 84kgESaturday PM21
Jenna McDonaghStorm Body FitnessFF – 84kgESaturday PM22
Rebekah WilsonStrength MilitiaFF – 84kgESaturday PM23
Aisling JudgeIron Worx StrengthFF – 84kgESaturday PM24
Susan McDonaldA.B.S. PowerliftingFF – 84kg+ESaturday PM25
Natalie LynessStrength MilitiaFF – 84kg+ESaturday PM26
Stephanie McTiernanStronglife GymFF – 84kg+ESaturday PM27
Lindsey McManusStorm Body FitnessFF – 84kg+ESaturday PM28
Andrew Roe-MM – 83kgFSaturday PM29
Eoin HealyCityGym LimerickMM – 83kgFSaturday PM31
Andrew Blackwood-MM – 83kgFSaturday PM32
Shane HalliganAthlone Powerlifting ClubMM – 83kgFSaturday PM33
Bernard O'Reilly-MM – 83kgFSaturday PM34
Darragh HanrattyFitt Conditioning FinglasMM – 83kgFSaturday PM35
Liam CannonA.B.S. PowerliftingMM – 83kgFSaturday PM36
Conor BoyleStrength MilitiaMM – 83kgFSaturday PM37
Aaron FigueraIron Worx StrengthMM – 83kgFSaturday PM38
Aindriú JenkinsonA.B.S. PowerliftingMM – 83kgFSaturday PM39
Cian O'SheaA.B.S. PowerliftingMM – 83kgFSaturday PM40
Fabian Zawada-MM – 83kgFSaturday PM41