The Entry List for the IPF May Open 2017 is now available. Please see below.

Visit the IPF May Open 2017 – Athlete Information page for more detailed information.

First NameLast NameWeight ClassFlightClubSessionDate
TrishaO' DowdF – 52kgAPeak Performance AcademySat AM27th
MonikaLaskowskaF – 52kgADublin Strength & ConditioningSat AM27th
ElaineO'SullivanF – 57kgAPeak Performance AcademySat AM27th
MartinaHanniffyF – 57kgAAthlone Powerlifting ClubSat AM27th
ClareO'DonoghueF – 57kgAPeak Performance AcademySat AM27th
SarahHaydenF – 57kgARevolution FitnessSat AM27th
PatriciaLeaneF – 57kgAPeak Performance AcademySat AM27th
AprilDardisF – 57kgAAthlone Powerlifting ClubSat AM27th
KatieMc DonnellF – 57kgAAthlone Powerlifting ClubSat AM27th
AmyHanleyF – 57kgAKJ Strength and PerformanceSat AM27th
SarahScallanF – 57kgASouth Dublin Strength and ConditioningSat AM27th
WayneMc ReynoldsM – 66kgBSat AM27th
GraemeButlerM – 74kgBRevolution FitnessSat AM27th
JPMcGowanM – 74kgBRevolution FitnessSat AM27th
JasonFinanM – 74kgBSouth Dublin Strength and ConditioningSat AM27th
JaredO'SullivanM – 74kgBPeak Performance AcademySat AM27th
JohnMaherM – 74kgBSat AM27th
EricKilleenM – 83kgBRevolution FitnessSat AM27th
MarkO'SullivanM – 83kgBKJ Strength and PerformanceSat AM27th
AdrianMullinsM – 83kgBRevolution FitnessSat AM27th
BrianMcIntyreM – 83kgBEverStrength TrainingSat AM27th
FarzadAziziM – 83kgBAthlone Powerlifting ClubSat AM27th
EoinJefferiesM – 83kgBUCC Powerlifting ClubSat AM27th
AlanFlanaganM – 83kgBSat AM27th
IanWaferM – 83kgBRevolution FitnessSat AM27th
DarraghMulcahyM – 83kgBCityGym LimerickSat AM27th
RachelKnightF – 63kgCRevolution FitnessSat PM27th
ClionaWrenneF – 63kgCWomen's Fitness CorkSat PM27th
AmandaDunleaF – 63kgCKJ Strength and PerformanceSat PM27th
LauraCooleyF – 63kgCRevolution FitnessSat PM27th
GretaCroninF – 63kgCPeak Performance AcademySat PM27th
CiaraHackettF – 63kgCSat PM27th
MelBarryF – 63kgCPeak Performance AcademySat PM27th
LisaTowellF – 63kgCStudio OneSat PM27th
RuthAllenF – 63kgCPeak Performance AcademySat PM27th
EvaLomasneyF – 63kgCStudio OneSat PM27th
EmmaKeyesF – 63kgCStudio OneSat PM27th
TaraMaguireF – 63kgCSat PM27th
JoanneGibbonsF – 63kgCAthlone Powerlifting ClubSat PM27th
TraceyFitzmauriceF – 63kgDDublin Strength & ConditioningSat PM27th
CarolLennonF – 63kgDAthlone Powerlifting ClubSat PM27th
SineadHeffernanF – 63kgDSat PM27th
DawnMurphy O'SheaF – 63kgDPeak Performance AcademySat PM27th
SandraHammersleyF – 63kgDSat PM27th
AmaalZakiF – 63kgDSat PM27th
LauraHanleyF – 63kgDKJ Strength and PerformanceSat PM27th
GemmaKavanaghF – 63kgDKJ Strength and PerformanceSat PM27th
ClaireKellyF – 63kgDSat PM27th
SiobhanCarolanF – 84kg+DKJ Strength and PerformanceSat PM27th
TraceyKellyF – 84kg+DUCC Powerlifting ClubSat PM27th
MirandaConnollyF – 84kg+DAthlone Powerlifting ClubSat PM27th
HeatherThompsonF – 84kg+DSat PM27th
AislingFahyF – 84kg+DSat PM27th
RachelCassidyF – 72kgEKJ Strength and PerformanceSun AM28th
JamesMoranF – 72kgEKJ Strength and PerformanceSun AM28th
ZitaMcCabeF – 72kgEAthlone Powerlifting ClubSun AM28th
CiaraReynoldsF – 72kgERevolution FitnessSun AM28th
NicolaCogleyF – 72kgEKaizen StrengthSun AM28th
KerrieBeckettF – 72kgEPeak Performance AcademySun AM28th
SineadVallelyF – 72kgEWomen's Fitness CorkSun AM28th
AmyO'GaraF – 72kgERevolution FitnessSun AM28th
JoanneGreeneF – 72kgEAthlone Powerlifting ClubSun AM28th
EleanorMcShortallF – 72kgEBodyBuddiesSun AM28th
SharonLynchF – 72kgERevolution FitnessSun AM28th
ColmCurleyF – 72kgESun AM28th
RebeccaKidneyF – 84kgFKJ Strength and PerformanceSun AM28th
UrszulaPfisterF – 84kgFPeak Performance AcademySun AM28th
MeganDunlea O'BrienF – 84kgFKJ Strength and PerformanceSun AM28th
AmyHughesF – 84kgFRevolution FitnessSun AM28th
SophieRenshawF – 84kgFSun AM28th
LauraBrayF – 84kgFDublin Strength & ConditioningSun AM28th
MaireadO'SullivanF – 84kgFSun AM28th
YvonneOsanF – 84kgFSouth East PowerliftersSun AM28th
AoifeO'LearyF – 84kgFSun AM28th
NicoleCraigF – 84kgFKJ Strength and PerformanceSun AM28th
JohnHayesM – 93kgGKJ Strength and PerformanceSun PM28th
UlickO'SullivanM – 93kgGSun PM28th
KevinMcGrathM – 93kgGKJ Strength and PerformanceSun PM28th
MarkNixonM – 93kgGRevolution FitnessSun PM28th
RobertParnellM – 93kgGRevolution FitnessSun PM28th
GerardMurphyM – 93kgGKJ Strength and PerformanceSun PM28th
BrendanGeraghtyM – 93kgGDublin Strength & ConditioningSun PM28th
SilvanoSennM – 93kgGSun PM28th
GaryBourkeM – 93kgGABS PowerliftingSun PM28th
DamianChristieM – 93kgGABS PowerliftingSun PM28th
RichieMaherM – 93kgG#TeamGrindLifeSun PM28th
JamesLynchM – 93kgGCityGym LimerickSun PM28th
BrianMaddenM – 93kgGUCC Powerlifting ClubSun PM28th
MichaelGraceM – 93kgGCityGym LimerickSun PM28th
StephenManningM – 93kgG#TeamGrindLifeSun PM28th
IanBensonM – 93kgHStudio OneSun PM28th
JackThorntonM – 93kgHCityGym LimerickSun PM28th
DanHurleyM – 93kgHUCC Powerlifting ClubSun PM28th
MarkDowlingM – 93kgH#TeamGrindLifeSun PM28th
DavidMoranM – 105kgHKJ Strength and PerformanceSun PM28th
PaulTaaffeM – 105kgHHerculesSun PM28th
RichardNolanM – 105kgHSun PM28th
LukeCurranM – 105kgHRevolution FitnessSun PM28th
ConorO'SheaM – 120kgHDublin Strength & ConditioningSun PM28th
MichaelChisholmM – 120kgHSun PM28th
DarraghHayesM – 120kgHCityGym LimerickSun PM28th
RobBurkeM – 120kgHSun PM28th
JamesO'ConnellM – 120kgHKnockeenahone PowerliftingSun PM28th
EoinO'LearyM – 120kg+HSun PM28th