The final entry list for the Irish Powerlifting Federation’s May Open 2018 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSessionLot
Medb MurtaghA.B.S. Powerlifting00168F – 57kgASaturday Morning1
April DardisAthlone Powerlifting Club00600F – 57kgASaturday Morning2
Laura O'RiordanA.B.S. Powerlifting01001F – 57kgASaturday Morning3
Karen McDonnell-00627F – 57kgASaturday Morning4
Aisling McCloskey-00992F – 57kgASaturday Morning5
Martina HanniffyAthlone Powerlifting Club00569F – 57kgASaturday Morning6
Rachael Stewart-01156F – 57kgASaturday Morning7
Kym Murray-00979F – 47kgASaturday Morning8
Amy HanleyKJ Powerlifting Club00390F – 57kgASaturday Morning9
Lota LeinbergaDrogheda Powerlifting Club00618F – 57kgASaturday Morning10
Sarah FlynnA.B.S. Powerlifting00232F – 57kgASaturday Morning11
Vivienne GlynnCityGym Limerick01033F – 57kgASaturday Morning12
Mairéad O' DonoghueCityGym Limerick01210F – 84kgBSaturday Morning13
Rachel Massey-00967F – 84kg+BSaturday Morning14
Tracey KellyUCC Powerlifting Club00593F – 84kg+BSaturday Morning15
Fidelma GilliganAthlone Powerlifting Club00714F – 84kgBSaturday Morning16
Deirdre Fenlon-00196F – 84kgBSaturday Morning17
Nicole CraigKJ Powerlifting Club00397F – 84kgBSaturday Morning18
Triona Ryan-01032F – 84kgBSaturday Morning19
Alex SlyeKJ Powerlifting ClubQueryF – 84kgBSaturday Morning21
Aimee McQuillanThe Fitness Shed00990F – 84kgBSaturday Morning22
Megan Dunlea-O'BrienKJ Powerlifting Club01209F – 84kg+BSaturday Morning23
Fiona BoyleStorm Body Fitness00062F – 84kgBSaturday Morning24
Leigh Porter-01161F – 84kgBSaturday Morning25
Brad Spicer-01195M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon1
Mark DuffKJ Powerlifting Club01183M – 120kgCSaturday Afternoon2
Dylan Mc DonaghAthlone Powerlifting Club01192M – 120kgCSaturday Afternoon3
Adam Kalivoda-01149M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon4
Patrick McLaughlinPower Building Dublin00721M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon5
Michael TwomeyKJ Powerlifting Club01212M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon6
Stephen Manning#TeamGrindLife00567M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon7
Luca Bartoloni-00361M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon8
David WalshCityGym Limerick00792M – 120kgCSaturday Afternoon9
Eoin O'LearyA.B.S. Powerlifting00310M – 120kgCSaturday Afternoon10
Darren BennettPeak Fitness Performance00434M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon11
Joseph DohenyTop Performance Fitness01208M – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon12
Jason KavanaghKJ Powerlifting Club00989M – 120kgCSaturday Afternoon13
Darragh Cusse-QueryM – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon14
Dave WorrallA.B.S. Powerlifting00374M – 120kgCSaturday Afternoon15
Steven McGuire-QueryM – 105kgCSaturday Afternoon16
Gavin ButlerTailormade Health and Fitness00786M – 120kgCSaturday Afternoon17
Gary O'Connor-00356M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon18
Eoghan Carroll-01206M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon19
Adam Santorelli-00359M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon20
Gar BennCityGym Limerick00355M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon21
John ArnottKJ Powerlifting Club01205M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon22
Dominic Phelan-00954M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon23
David GagnonCork City Powerlifting Club00711M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon24
Cian LinehanCityGym Limerick00349M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon25
Brian MaddenA.B.S. Powerlifting00208M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon26
Christopher DeanCityGym Limerick00943M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon27
Darren Horgan-00021M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon28
Brendan O'Rourke-QueryM – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon29
Tomasz DolatowskiSouth East Powerlifters01040M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon30
David Nolan-00383M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon31
Dan HurleyA.B.S. Powerlifting00055M – 93kgDSaturday Afternoon32
Siobhan O ConnellKJ Powerlifting Club00987F – 72kgESunday Morning1
Fiona WalsheAthlone Powerlifting Club00064F – 72kgESunday Morning2
Bonnie Shortall-00977F – 72kgESunday Morning3
Eleanor McShortallPower Building Dublin00132F – 72kgESunday Morning4
Lisa TowellStudio One00608F – 72kgESunday Morning5
Joanne GreeneAthlone Powerlifting Club00319F – 72kgESunday Morning7
Conor DonohoeUniversity of Limerick01198M – 66kgFSunday Morning8
Benny GilliganAthlone Powerlifting Club00713M – 83kgFSunday Morning9
Neil ColferTwomey's Strength & Conditioning00789M – 83kgFSunday Morning10
Darragh Hynes-00795M – 83kgFSunday Morning11
John Donovan-QueryM – 83kgFSunday Morning12
Sumit Sahni-01197M – 83kgFSunday Morning13
Jack Kelly-01189M – 83kgFSunday Morning14
Damian NamCityGym Limerick00303M – 83kgFSunday Morning15
Trevor WalsheAthlone Powerlifting Club00736M – 83kgFSunday Morning16
Alan FlanaganReactive Training Systems00574M – 83kgFSunday Morning18
Jamie Donnelly-01010M – 83kgFSunday Morning19
Roberto Prior-01171M – 83kgFSunday Morning21
Josh Foyle-01006M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon1
James KellyCityGym Limerick00774M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon3
Craig McDermott-01011M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon4
Harry Keeley-01186M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon5
Jack PetersA.B.S. Powerlifting01144M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon6
Chris Kong-01035M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon8
Nathan Breslin-01182M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon9
Stuart BrownPower Building Dublin00692M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon10
Brian Lynch-01150M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon11
Alex CreminsCityGym Limerick00791M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon12
Tristan McDonaghAthlone Powerlifting Club01025M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon13
Matthew Walsh-00717M – 74kgGSunday Afternoon14
Laura HanleyKJ Powerlifting Club00409F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon15
Emma KeyesStudio One00546F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon16
Sinead Heffernan-00202F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon17
Orla O'SheaA.B.S. Powerlifting01021F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon18
Tara ConlonA.B.S. Powerlifting00017F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon19
Amanda DunleaKJ Powerlifting Club00689F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon20
Tara MaguireStudio One00547F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon21
Nicola PhelanCityGym Limerick00367F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon22
Carol LennonAthlone Powerlifting Club00562F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon23
Yvonne Sinclair O’RiordanBandon Strength and ConditioningQueryF – 63kgHSunday Afternoon24
Gemma KavanaghKJ Powerlifting Club00597F – 63kgHSunday Afternoon25