The IPF Munster Championships 2019 are nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your competition day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IPF Munster Championships 2019 will be held in CityGym, Limerick on 20th & 21st April 2019.

Venue Address
CityGym Limerick
17 Sexton St.
Google Maps Link

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-InsAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeAwardsFlights
Saturday Morning06:00 – 07:3007:3008:00 – 12:0012:15A, B
Saturday Afternoon10:30 – 12:0012:0012:30 – 16:0016:15C, D
Saturday Evening14:30 – 16:0016:0016:30 – 20:4521:00E, F
Sunday Morning07:30 – 09:0009:0009:30 – 14:0014:15G, H
Sunday Afternoon12:30 – 14:0014:0014:30 – 18:3018:45I, J


Please review the IPF’s 2017 Anti-Doping Letter. If you have any queries then please contact Dr. Tara Conlon (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc. If you miss weight on the day, you are welcome to compete as a guest but will not be eligible for placings or prizes.

Q: Can I change club?
A: No, not at this stage. You may remove your club but you cannot change to a new club at this point.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.


Entry List

The final entry list is below.
Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSessionLot
Austin Keogh-QUERYM – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Ben O'Connor-00956M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Adam Santorelli-00359M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Cillian O'Connor-01301M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Eoghan Carroll-QUERYM – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Szebasztian Dudas-01513M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Adam Carroll-01365M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Cathal Greene-01530M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
James LynchKAOS Gym00029M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Andrew BlackwoodKinetic Training Systems00981M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
James HoganStudio OneQUERYM – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Sean KeyesStudio One01320M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
Gavin ButlerTailormade Health and Fitness00786M – 93kg BASaturday MorningTBC
John Heaney-01226M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Jason FehilyA.B.S Powerlifting00402M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Paul HearneA.B.S Powerlifting01402M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Patrick GarveyCityGym Limerick01512M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Donal O'BrienCork City Powerlifting Club00802M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Adam TwomeyCork City Powerlifting Club01347M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Paddy DillaneKAOS GymQUERYM – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Matthew CoppingerKAOS Gym00549M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Noel KellyStudio One01515M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Ben HarrisonKAOS Gym00293M – 120kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Jamie DonnellyCityGym Limerick01010M – 93kg ABSaturday MorningTBC
Andrew StricklandCityGym Limerick00980M – 93kg ABSaturday MorningTBC
Gar BennCityGym Limerick00355M – 93kg ABSaturday MorningTBC
Colm O'MaraImpact Strength & Performance01231M – 93kg ABSaturday MorningTBC
Prenosil Jakub-QUERYM – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Ryan Rooney-01401M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Martin O MahonyCityGym Limerick01425M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Darragh Cusse-01217M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Dylan McMahonCityGym Limerick01534M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Simon StandbridgeCityGym Limerick00066M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Christopher DeanCityGym Limerick00943M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Jack HeaveyCityGym Limerick01557M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Rory Dempsey BrowneA.B.S Powerlifting01516M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Dan FlavinKinetic Training Systems01385M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Steven McGuireSayers Strength01216M – 105kg BCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Aaron HealyCork Strength & PerformanceQUERYM – 120kg+CSaturday AfternoonTBC
John SlatteryTailormade Health and Fitness01396M – 120kg+CSaturday AfternoonTBC
Gavin DenihanCork City Powerlifting Club00312M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Owen MurphyCork City Powerlifting Club01352M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Gary WilliamsonCork City Powerlifting Club01250M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Dustin MitchellCork City Powerlifting Club01323M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Shane O'NeillCork City Powerlifting Club01520M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Scott DeanKAOS Gym00209M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Solomon AdebisiMallow Extreme SCC Gym01300M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Pat ClancyStorm Body Fitness00772M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Stephen ShineStudio One01521M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Les HoganStudio OneQUERYM – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Dave CoffeyStudio One01307M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Eoghan O'ConnorThe Garage01386M – 105kg ADSaturday AfternoonTBC
Fin O Donovan-01339M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Brian Lynch-01150M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
John Donovan-QUERYM – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Luke Griffin-01525M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Craig McDermottCityGym Limerick01011M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Timothy MurrayCork City Powerlifting Club01222M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Conor MulcahyO'Brien Fitness01258M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Ian LillisOdyssey Strength01561M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Eesa AlshuaibPlanet01390M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Tommy HouriganStudio One00780M – 74kgESaturday EveningTBC
Patrick Jennings-01194M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Mark Dowling-00048M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Sam Loscher-01509M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Brian MaddenA.B.S Powerlifting00208M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Max SherryCityGym Limerick01377M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Adam O'ConnorCityGym Limerick01404M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
James KellyCityGym Limerick00774M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
David BourkeCityGym Limerick01407M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
William ClarkeCityGym Limerick00338M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Conor DonohoeCityGym Limerick01198M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Marc StanleyCork City Powerlifting Club01528M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Colin JonesCork City Powerlifting Club01507M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Paul MurphyCork City Powerlifting Club01361M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Adam JoyKAOS Gym01522M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Liam CannonKinetic Training Systems00976M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Mark CosgroveO'Brien Fitness01312M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Shane MullettOdyssey Strength01508M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Melvin ContehRaw Gyms Dublin01418M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Ashley HoltStudio One01253M – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Josh HancottCityGym LimerickQUERYM – 83kgFSaturday EveningTBC
Jodie RingKinetic Training Systems01504F – 47kgGSunday MorningTBC
Michaela leonard-01505F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Jessie AndersonCityGym Limerick00759F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Karina CallinanCityGym Limerick00963F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Catriona ConnollyCityGym Limerick01020F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Marije DollenCork City Powerlifting Club01326F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Carol LennonIron Warrior Strength00562F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Gemma KavanaghKJ Powerlifting Club00597F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Caitriona HigginsKJ Powerlifting Club01562F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Catriona FitzpatrickPearson Fitness & Performance00796F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Yvonne CurtinPearson Fitness & Performance00801F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Sarah ScallanSouth Dublin Strength & Conditioning00203F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Emma KeyesStudio One00546F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Marie HickeyStudio One01524F – 63kgGSunday MorningTBC
Gemma-Lee-Ann Markey-00945F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Fiona Glynn-00345F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Fiona Walshe-00064F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Laura AraviciuteA.B.S Powerlifting01518F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Lesley ShinnickA.B.S Powerlifting01364F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Sarah GroganCityGym Limerick01028F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Liona HanleyCork Strength & Performance01367F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Ailbhe O'DalyImpact Strength & PerformanceQUERYF – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Siobhan O'ConnellKJ Powerlifting Club00987F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Grace TedfordSayers Strength01245F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Claire CaulfieldSB Fitness00019F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Triona CaseySB Fitness01354F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Hannah StephensonStrength Militia00357F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Susan CritchleyStudio One01232F – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Jess HoltStudio OneQUERYF – 72kgHSunday MorningTBC
Pamela Myers-01319F – 52kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Anna DeanCityGym Limerick01517F – 52kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Shannon BurkeCityGym Limerick01247F – 52kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Mary GrantEverStrength Training01378F – 52kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Mairead Murphy-00602F – 57kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Linh NguyenA.B.S PowerliftingQUERYF – 57kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Zuzana Ha DacovaCityGym Limerick01366F – 57kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Laoise quinnCityGym Limerick01376F – 57kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Dawn SteacyCork City Powerlifting Club01322F – 57kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Tanya PetrovaImpact Strength & Performance01158F – 84kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Alexandra SlyeKJ Powerlifting Club01178F – 84kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Helen TwomeyPeak Performance Killarney00254F – 84kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Rebekah WilsonStrength Militia00262F – 84kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Katrin DettenbornCork City Powerlifting Club01532F – 84kgISunday AfternoonTBC
Niamh Doyle-00760F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Debbie SteeleCityGym Limerick01533F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Rachel O'SullivanCork City Powerlifting Club01360F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Sinead MarleyCork City Powerlifting Club01511F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Cliona O'DriscollKAOS Gym01372F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Yvonne McDonnellSouth Dublin Strength & Conditioning01558F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Sarah May HamiltonStrength Militia01338F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Hannah McKeeStrength Militia00851F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Jo PhelanStrength Militia00707F – 84kg+JSunday AfternoonTBC
Daniel O’Shaughnessy-01348M – 66kgJSunday AfternoonTBC
Gary O'Halloran-QUERYM – 66kgJSunday AfternoonTBC
Deividas BarisasA.B.S PowerliftingQUERYM – 66kgJSunday AfternoonTBC
Mohaned AbujennahCityGym Limerick00723M – 66kgJSunday AfternoonTBC