Updated: 22nd July 2017.

The final entry list for the Irish Powerlifting Federation’s National Championships 2017 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Queries: please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage.

Anna Hourihane0006152ASaturday AM
Hazeline Hu0028552ASaturday AM
Jen Dela Cruz0020152ASaturday AM
Aeilish McGovern0036957ESunday AM
Amy Donoghue0011157ESunday AM
Amy Hanley0039057ESunday AM
Caroline Cunniffe0020557ESunday AM
Chloe-Jade McDonald0063757ESunday AM
Laura Walsh0014857ESunday AM
Sarah Flynn0023257ESunday AM
Sarah Scallan0020357ESunday AM
Wendy Coalter0053657ESunday AM
Bronagh McPeake0012163ASaturday AM
Claire McGlynn0028063ASaturday AM
Gabrielle Ervine0010663ASaturday AM
Laura Hanley0040963ASaturday AM
Linh Nguyen0008063ASaturday AM
Alexandra Kapka0044472CSaturday PM
Ava Horrigan0017572CSaturday PM
Clare Patterson0023072CSaturday PM
Danielle Gault0064472CSaturday PM
Fiona Walshe0006472CSaturday PM
Karen Barry0024572CSaturday PM
Louise Millar0010572CSaturday PM
Louise Kenna0011372CSaturday PM
Shannon Pollock0007972CSaturday PM
Stephanie Gleeson0019372CSaturday PM
Aisling Judge0006084HSunday PM
Alison O'Reilly0029084HSunday PM
Aoife O'Leary0039384HSunday PM
Emma Kiely0019484HSunday PM
Helen Twomey0025484HSunday PM
Leslie Hoare0008784HSunday PM
Nicole Craig0039784HSunday PM
Sarah Doyle0027884HSunday PM
Teanna Watts0002684HSunday PM
Donna Cassley0046484+HSunday PM
Lauren Rooney0011984+HSunday PM
Sarah Gardiner0043384+HSunday PM
Susan McDonald0003484+HSunday PM
David Keane0039553ESunday AM
Steven Keane0039653ESunday AM
Dermot O'Rourke0008859ESunday AM
Jonathan Connolly0042159ESunday AM
Ciaran Murray0014466FSunday AM
David McQuillan0016666FSunday AM
Dylan Potter0013966FSunday AM
Noel Whelan0010766FSunday AM
Paul Mclaren0004166FSunday AM
Conor Devilly0020474FSunday AM
Daniel McAuley0011074FSunday AM
Danny Lennon0003374FSunday AM
Deividas Barisas0012274FSunday AM
Jack Brady0040374FSunday AM
John Donovan0004674FSunday AM
Sean Ferran0026874FSunday AM
Adam Keane0012083BSaturday AM
Adam Santorelli0035983BSaturday AM
Ashwin Amersi0007183BSaturday AM
Colin Eustace0039283BSaturday AM
Jackie Doherty0027183BSaturday AM
John Maher0018283BSaturday AM
Jonathan Akagha0038583BSaturday AM
Jonny Gardner0048283BSaturday AM
Mark Comiskey0007883BSaturday AM
Matthew Henry0050683BSaturday AM
Arthur Lynch0021393DSaturday PM
Barry Pigott0023693DSaturday PM
Cillian Hurley0005993DSaturday PM
Fabrizio Marini0034193DSaturday PM
Graham Norton0031593DSaturday PM
Kenneth Nwaezeigwe0021893DSaturday PM
Scott Dean0020993DSaturday PM
Shane Corbett0017293DSaturday PM
Simon Standbridge0006693DSaturday PM
Stephen Cusack0018693DSaturday PM
Stephen Casey0013493DSaturday PM
Daniel McHugh00365105GSunday PM
Dean Salmon00002105GSunday PM
Derrie Sutton00538105GSunday PM
James Hanley00282105GSunday PM
Luke Curran00084105GSunday PM
Marc Galligan00136105GSunday PM
Michael Bruce00104105GSunday PM
Colin Power00264120GSunday PM
Dave Worrall00374120GSunday PM
Kieran Larkin00142120GSunday PM
Eoin O'Leary00310120+GSunday PM
John O'Dwyer00223120+GSunday PM
Robert Newman00522120+GSunday PM
Sean Crowe00118120+GSunday PM