The following table lists the current Top 7 qualifying totals for IrishPF Nationals 2019 as of Wed 14 Nov 2018 @ 15:00. The list also includes the 8th–12th total, where relevant, to give people an idea of the first five slots on the waitlist and round two invites.

Please check the relevant notes for this table before making any queries.

This list groups lifters by the weight class they qualified in; NOT the one they have entered in. Check the Entry List for accurate entered weight classes.

See the full current Entry List.

Weight ClassRankNameCompetitionBodyweightTotalTotalIDStatus
471Janine MartinIPF September Open 201845.2317.53537Entered
472Kotchaphan Mai-onIPF Worlds 201846.84267.53430Entered
473Kym MurrayIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201845.83263.54980Entered
474Sarah PattersonIPF July Open 201845.52603440Entered
475Claire TierneyIPF October Open 201846242.53788Entered
476Ambra ScolaroIPF July Open 201846.7227.53441Entered
521Anna HourihaneIPF September Open 201851.6332.53538Entered
522Mairead MurphyIPF University Championships 2018522903222Entered
523Jen Dela CruzIPF July Open 201851.62753442Declined
524Eimear ByrneIPF September Open 201850.2252.53539Entered
525Shannon BurkeIPF October Open 201850.62353789Entered
526Lisa CaseyNIPF Ulster Open 201850.7222.53737Entered
527Mary LoobyIPF October Open 201849207.53790Entered
528Pamela MyersIPF October Open 201851.41953791Pending
571Hazeline HuIPF October Open 201855377.53792Entered
572Chloé-Jade McDonaldIPF Worlds 201856.22377.53426Entered
573Amy DicksonNIPF Ulster Open 201856.13603724Entered
574Geina McGrathIPF All Irelands 201856.7347.53395Entered
575Medb MurtaghEPF Western European Championships 201856.24342.53586Entered
576Laura O'RiordanIPF May Open 201855.63403290Declined
577Emily WalshIPF July Open 201855.7337.53443Entered
578Noreen McDermottIPF September Open 201857322.53541Entered
579Sarah FlynnIPF May Open 201855.83203292Waitlist
5710Chere DuffyIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201856.83194987Waitlist
5711Julie KearneyIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201856.23154960Waitlist
5712Lota LeinbergaEPF Western European Championships 201856.18312.53587Waitlist
631Gabrielle ErvineIPF All Irelands 201862.6392.53399Entered
632Emma McDermottIPF October Open 2018623703796Entered
633Aoife O'SullivanIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201862.83534986Declined
634Lauren ElderNIPF Ulster Open 201862.8347.53725Expired
635Maria GreenanIPF July Open 201861.33403449Entered
636Tara MaguireIPF October Open 201862337.53797Entered
637Karina CallinanIPF July Open 201861.53353450Entered
638Sarah WhelanIPF University Championships 201861.43303226Pending
639Amy NolanIPF July Open 201862.53303451Pending
6310Laura HanleyIPF October Open 201863327.53798Waitlist
6311Hannah TraceyIPF September Open 201862.43253544Waitlist
721Brónagh McPeakeIPF Worlds 201867.06457.53427Entered
722Louise MillarIPF Worlds 201871.554453428Entered
723Clare PattersonIPF All Irelands 201871.14133376Entered
724Karen BarryIPF Worlds 201870.183953435Entered
725Ava HorriganIPF October Open 201870.2382.53811Declined
726Joanne CooganIPF September Open 201866.23803548Entered
727Maeve CumminsIPF October Open 201870.2377.53812Entered
728Niamh SavageIPF October Open 201870.4367.53813Entered
729Cheryl NewberryNIPF Classic 201870.5362.53600Waitlist
7210Carrie CarmichaelIPF All Irelands 201871.7362.53377Waitlist
7211Danielle GoodlandNIPF Ulster Open 201870.2347.53726Waitlist
7212Bonnie ShortallIPF May Open 201869.8337.53307Waitlist
841Deirdre FenlonIPF October Open 201883.6477.53824Entered
842Louise KennaIPF All Irelands 201879.54343378Entered
843Shannon PollockIPF Worlds 201874.164253429Entered
844Teanna WattsIPF July Open 201878.1424.53472Entered
845Alison O'ReillyIPF October Open 201881.44203825Entered
846Aisling JudgeIPF All Irelands 201879.44003380Expired
847Helen TwomeyIPF Worlds 201877.823853436Entered
848Freya HammerIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201882.4378.54988Pending
849Rebekah WilsonIPF July Open 201879.8377.53473Waitlist
8410Lorraine Mc KennaIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201883.4372.54962Waitlist
8411Nicole CraigIPF October Open 201883.23703826Waitlist
8412Emma KielyIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201882.8367.54966Waitlist
84+1Lauren Rooney CrowePNP NIPF Open 2018124.44203717Entered
84+2Kyla MulhollandIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201893.43954963Entered
84+3Sarah GardinerIPF Worlds 201897.23387.53433Entered
84+4Karla PlattenPNP NIPF Open 2018100.4387.53718Pending
84+5Lindsey McManusIPF July Open 2018100.8387.53479Entered
84+6Aoife O'LearyIPF Worlds 201889.033853434Entered
84+7Donna IvieIPF October Open 2018111.43853833Entered
84+8Hannah McKeeIPF September Open 2018135.53803554Waitlist
84+9Clodagh CecilIPF July Open 2018101.6372.53481Waitlist
84+10Natalie LynessIPF September Open 2018913653555Waitlist
84+11Susan McDonaldIPF July Open 2018104.2351.53482Waitlist
84+12Tracey KellyIPF May Open 2018109.4347.53320Waitlist
591James WainwrightNIPF Classic 201858.84003613Expired
592Moataz AbujennahIPF October Open 2018593903843Entered
593Ciaran O'DonovanIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201857.6327.55029Expired
594Samuel SmithIPF University Championships 201857.7312.53241Entered
595David KeaneIPF July Open 201856292.53489Entered
596Steven KeaneIPF July Open 201851.32503490Expired
661Noel WhelanIPF All Irelands 201865.35353384Declined
662Ciarán MurrayIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201864.45165009Entered
663Dylan PotterIPF July Open 201865.5512.53491Entered
664Paul MclarenIPF Worlds 201865.84487.53423Declined
665Tristan Mc DonaghIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201865.4482.55015Entered
666Tino NyazikaIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 2018664655019Entered
667Jack PetersIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201865452.55021Declined
668Wei Choun PhoonIPF October Open 2018644303844Entered
669Philip O'KellyIPF October Open 201863.63803845Entered
6610Harry McGuirkIPF University Championships 201865.4377.53242Pending
6611Kaelan KilloughNIPF Classic 201863.13503614Waitlist
6612Harry HornerNIPF Ulster Open 201863.93503752Waitlist
741Conor DevillyIPF University Championships 201873.86003244Entered
742Josh FoyleIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201873.25955007Entered
743Philip BarrIPF All Irelands 201872.9572.53385Entered
744Martin ReidyIPF All Irelands 201873.2572.53386Entered
745Jonathan MurphyNIPF Ulster Open 201873.8562.53761Entered
746Lukasz KalinskiIPF All Irelands 201873.2557.53387Entered
747Peter FergusonIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201872.85505034Entered
748Ryan FinlayIPF March Open 201870.6547.53186Waitlist
749Daniel McAuleyIPF September Open 201873.65453558Waitlist
7410Sean FerranIPF Worlds 201871.08542.53420Waitlist
7411Andrew McellistrimIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201872.6537.55011Waitlist
7412Danny LennonIPF July Open 201872.9537.53492Waitlist
831Damian NamIPF May Open 201882.67003337Entered
832William ClarkeIPF All Irelands 2018826953404Declined
833Scott WebbNIPF Ulster Open 2018826703741Declined
834Darragh MulcahyEPF Western European Championships 201881.156653583Entered
835Mark ComiskeyIPF All Irelands 201881.66603405Entered
836Lee ClarkeIPF All Irelands 201878.66253406Entered
837John MaherIPF July Open 201882.5622.53497Entered
838Aaron MoranIPF July Open 201882.96053498Declined
839Jordan KonczakIPF Worlds 201882.476003421Entered
8310Andrew RoeIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201881.25955008Entered
8311Josua SchillingIPF University Championships 201882.15953260Waitlist
8312Cameron FaulknerPNP NIPF Open 201880.4587.53662Waitlist
931Arthur LynchIPF October Open 201891.47553859Entered
932Seán RyanIPF September Open 201890.6722.53568Entered
933Peter DavisonPNP NIPF Open 201891.57003675Declined
934Matthew HenryIPF September Open 201891.66803569Entered
935Christopher McBrideIPF September Open 201892.4662.53570Entered
936Adam KeaneIPF October Open 2018906603860Entered
937Mark DowlingIPF October Open 201889652.53861Entered
938Ian BensonIPF October Open 201892.66503862Entered
939Cian MaddenIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 201889.4642.55032Waitlist
9310David GagnonIPF October Open 201892.2637.53863Waitlist
9311Christopher GoodlandPNP NIPF Open 201888.8632.53676Waitlist
9312Shayne MoneIPF All Irelands 201887.26303391Waitlist
1051Barry PigottIPF Worlds 2018102.06816.53417Entered
1052Anthony MclegganIPF September Open 20181027303576Entered
1053Kenneth NwaezeigweIPF All Irelands 201896.77003408Entered
1054Marc GalliganIPF July Open 201899.36953520Entered
1055Martin CummingsIPF September Open 2018102.66853577Entered
1056Adam KalivodaIPF May Open 2018102.46803361Declined
1057Scott DeanIPF Worlds 2018103.476803422Declined
1058David WalshIPF October Open 2018102.6667.53888Entered
1059David TwomeyIPF All Irelands 2018101.76553409Pending
10510Solomon AdebisiIPF October Open 2018102.6652.53889Waitlist
10511Daniel McHughIPF July Open 2018102.16403522Waitlist
10512Christopher DeanIPF October Open 201898.86353890Waitlist
1201Michael BruceNIPF Ulster Open 2018108.1762.53754Entered
1202Colin PowerIPF Worlds 2018113.317553418Entered
1203Derrie SuttonIPF October Open 2018110.66953896Entered
1204Seosamh Ó GriallaisIPF All Irelands 2018117.36953411Entered
1205Dave WorrallIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 2018118.4685.54996Declined
1206Eoin O'LearyIPF October Open 2018117.66803897Entered
1207Jack KennyIPF October Open 2018119.26753898Entered
1208Jason KavanaghIPF May Open 2018119.8672.53370Entered
1209Paul MichaelNIPF Ulster Open 2018112.66503756Waitlist
12010Steven WardenPNP NIPF Open 2018118.66303677Waitlist
12011Alastair McClellandIPF September Open 2018119.2612.53580Waitlist
12012Ben HarrisonIPF October Open 2018118.66003899Waitlist
120+1Sean CroweIPF October Open 2018144.57203902Entered
120+2Ricky MullanPNP NIPF Open 2018129.77053668Declined
120+3Jason FehilyIPF Juniors & Masters National Championships 2018125.56055022Entered
120+4Brendan ConlonIPF September Open 2018129.55853582Entered
120+5Andrzej HolubowiczIPF July Open 2018156.15703535Declined
120+6John O'DwyerIPF Worlds 2018131.75567.53425Entered
120+7Eugene CurrieNIPF Ulster Open 2018130.65303749Entered
120+8Neil ConveryNIPF Ulster Open 2018132.25303768Pending
120+9Glenn KirkpatrickNIPF Ulster Open 20181284503776Entered
120+10Aaron HealyIPF October Open 20181534153903Waitlist
120+11Padraig TanseyIPF March Open 2018122.83953217Waitlist



  • Appearing on this list does not constitute an invitation to IrishPF Nationals 2019.
  • This list contains all known eligible totals from the following competitions:
    • NIPF Classic 2018 (Mar 2018)
    • EPF European Masters 2018 (Mar 2018)
    • IPF March Open 2018 (Mar 2018)
    • IPF University Championships 2018 (Apr 2018)
    • IPF May Open 2018 (May 2018)
    • PNP NIPF Open 2018 (May 2018)
    • IPF All Irelands 2018 (Jun 2018)
    • IPF Worlds 2018 (Jun 2018)
    • IPF July Open 2018 (Jul 2018)
    • NIPF Ulster Open 2018 (Sep 2018)
    • EPF Western European Championships 2018 (Sep 2018)
    • IPF September Open 2018 (Sep 2018)
    • IPF October Open 2018 (Oct 2018)
    • IPF Juniors & Masters Nationals 2018 (Nov 2018)
  • No further competitions are eligible for inclusion in Top 7 lists.
  • EPF European Championships 2018 totals will not count as Top 7 totals (i.e. they will not bump people from this list) but eligible athletes who total greater than the current 7th highest for their weight class will receive a Nationals 2019 invite.