Updated: 29th October 2017.

The final entry list for the Irish Powerlifting Federation’s November Open 2017 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Queries: please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSessionLot
Moataz Abujennah-00725M – 59kgASaturday AM1
Paul Mclaren-00041M – 66kgASaturday AM2
Ashwin AmersiPower Building Dublin00071M – 74kgASaturday AM3
Seán DowlingSB Fitness00404M – 74kgASaturday AM4
Ivan Ray Casinillo-00417M – 66kgASaturday AM5
Conor Devilly-00204M – 74kgASaturday AM6
Martin Reidy-00776M – 74kgASaturday AM7
Stuart BrownPower Building Dublin00692M – 74kgASaturday AM8
Louis WarrenABS Powerlifting00103M – 74kgASaturday AM9
Hugh MurrayRevolution Fitness00756M – 83kg BBSaturday AM10
Jack Callaghan-00787M – 83kg BBSaturday AM11
Karl SweeneyIron Worx Strength00732M – 83kg BBSaturday AM12
Alex CristeaPlatinum Gym00788M – 83kg BBSaturday AM13
Cian O'ToolePower Building DublinPENDINGM – 83kg BBSaturday AM14
Craig Chandler-00807M – 83kg BBSaturday AM15
David Keenan-00782M – 83kg BBSaturday AM16
Conor McEneaneyRevolution Fitness00300M – 83kg BBSaturday AM17
Brian McIntyreEverStrength Training00294M – 83kg ACSaturday AM18
Jordan KonczakABS Powerlifting00287M – 83kg ACSaturday AM19
Stephen McCollumRevolution Fitness00532M – 83kg ACSaturday AM20
Adam KeaneCityGym Limerick00120M – 83kg ACSaturday AM21
Dewi HarrisonKAOS Gym00626M – 83kg ACSaturday AM22
Pearce MaloneyRevolution Fitness00777M – 83kg ACSaturday AM23
Simon CrowleyRevolution Fitness00755M – 83kg ACSaturday AM24
Ian WaferRevolution Fitness00250M – 83kg ACSaturday AM25
Alan Flanagan-00574M – 83kg ACSaturday AM26
Mark EnnisRevolution Fitness00270M – 83kg ACSaturday AM27
Andrew Greer#TeamGrindLife00275M – 93kgDSaturday PM1
David FanjkuticRevolution Fitness00805M – 93kgDSaturday PM2
Alexander Wilson-Flynn-00358M – 93kgDSaturday PM3
Steve RocheSouth East Powerlifters00336M – 93kgDSaturday PM4
Daryll BaileyKAOS Gym00305M – 93kgDSaturday PM5
Patrick ClancyStorm Body Fitness00772M – 93kgDSaturday PM6
Arthur LynchCityGym Limerick00213M – 93kgDSaturday PM7
Gareth BowdenABS Powerlifting00221M – 93kgDSaturday PM8
Jack RyanSouthside Strength and Fitness00095M – 93kgDSaturday PM9
Eoin SmallRevolution Fitness00311M – 93kgDSaturday PM10
Paul KellyRevolution Fitness00754M – 93kgDSaturday PM11
Damien O'NeillSouth East Powerlifters00794M – 93kgDSaturday PM12
Paul LowryABS Powerlifting00161M – 93kgDSaturday PM13
Rourke ByrneKAOS Gym00346M – 93kgDSaturday PM14
Kilian KirschABS Powerlifting00715M – 93kgDSaturday PM15
Jim ClarkeRevolution Fitness00758M – 93kgDSaturday PM16
Ciarán LoweKAOS Gym00298M – 105kgESaturday PM17
Conor GillRevolution Fitness00757M – 120kgESaturday PM18
Seosamh Ó GriallaisABS Powerlifting00334M – 120kgESaturday PM19
Adam BennettRevolution Fitness00289M – 105kgESaturday PM20
Damian ChristieABS Powerlifting00162M – 105kgESaturday PM21
Sean ArmstrongRevolution Fitness00779M – 105kgESaturday PM22
Patrick McLaughlinPower Building Dublin00721M – 120kgESaturday PM23
Gary BourkeABS Powerlifting00214M – 105kgESaturday PM24
Conor MarkeyIron Worx Strength00299M – 120kgESaturday PM25
Paul O'Hare-00198M – 120kgESaturday PM26
David TwomeyTwomey Strength & Conditioning00228M – 105kgESaturday PM27
Conor SomervilleRevolution Fitness00790M – 120kg+ESaturday PM28
Andrew Knox Shiels-00030M – 105kgESaturday PM29
Stephen Manning#TeamGrindLife00567M – 105kgESaturday PM30
Matthew CoppingerKAOS Gym00549M – 120kgESaturday PM31
Suzanne ValenteABS Powerlifting00699F – 57kgFSunday AM1
Sarah ScallanSouth Dublin Strength & Conditioning00203F – 57kgFSunday AM2
Sarah HaydenRevolution Fitness00598F – 57kgFSunday AM3
Monika LaskowskaEverStrength Training00619F – 52kgFSunday AM4
Medb Murtagh-00168F – 52kgFSunday AM5
Caroline CunniffeABS Powerlifting00205F – 57kgFSunday AM6
Kotchaphan Mai-On-00712F – 47kgFSunday AM7
Anna HourihaneABS Powerlifting00061F – 52kgFSunday AM8
Siobhan HynesIron Worx Strength00572F – 57kgFSunday AM9
Tracey MatthewsSB Fitness00560F – 57kgFSunday AM10
Erica Gaffney-00047F – 47kgFSunday AM11
Alison MayABS Powerlifting00405F – 57kgFSunday AM12
Ann-Marie GaynorAthlone Powerlifting Club00766F – 57kgFSunday AM13
Laura CooleyRevolution Fitness00185F – 63kgGSunday AM14
Amy NolanABS Powerlifting00063F – 63kgGSunday AM15
Elaine O'SullivanPeak Performance Academy00614F – 63kgGSunday AM16
Claire CaulfieldSB Fitness00019F – 63kgGSunday AM17
Laura McCarthyKD Fitness00778F – 63kgGSunday AM18
Pearl MackeyIron Worx Strength00326F – 63kgGSunday AM19
Tara MaguireStudio One00547F – 63kgGSunday AM20
Rebecca BennettIrish Strength Institute00068F – 63kgGSunday AM21
Claire Mc ConnellABS Powerlifting00101F – 63kgGSunday AM22
Karolina MaleckaAthlone Powerlifting Club00765F – 63kgGSunday AM23
Tracey FitzmauriceKD Fitness00561F – 63kgGSunday AM24
Sandra CoynePeak Physique Ballyhaunis00704F – 63kgGSunday AM25
Linda O'Connor-00267F – 72kg AHSunday PM1
Ciara ReynoldsRevolution Fitness00297F – 72kg AHSunday PM2
Eleanor McShortallPower Building Dublin00132F – 72kg AHSunday PM3
Maria GreenanEverStrength Training00722F – 72kg AHSunday PM4
Sara Bauer-00400F – 72kg AHSunday PM5
Jessica HenebryTwomey Strength & Conditioning00617F – 72kg AHSunday PM6
Tanya Fry-00810F – 72kg AHSunday PM7
Bernice FlynnABS Powerlifting00102F – 72kg AHSunday PM8
Elaine ClarkeKAOS Gym00542F – 72kg AHSunday PM9
Danielle Goodland-PENDINGF – 72kg AHSunday PM10
Helen TwomeyPeak Performance Academy00254F – 84kgISunday PM11
Kathleen ScullyABS Powerlifting00099F – 84kgISunday PM12
Sarah DalyABS Powerlifting00260F – 84kg+ISunday PM13
Hannah StephensonABS Powerlifting00357F – 72kg BISunday PM14
Donna IvieKAOS Gym00541F – 84kg+ISunday PM15
Rebecca Mckeefry-00024F – 84kg+ISunday PM16
Jennifer Nugent-00728F – 72kg BISunday PM17
Yvonne OsanSouth East Powerlifters00266F – 84kg+ISunday PM18
Emily Brennan121 Fitness00309F – 84kgISunday PM19
Anna Marie O'DonoghueIron Worx Strength00625F – 72kg BISunday PM20
Amy HughesRevolution Fitness00406F – 84kgISunday PM21