The IPF October Open 2018 is nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your competition day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IPF October Open 2018 will be hosted by A.B.S. Powerlifting Cork & UCC Powerlifting Club and held in Cork Weightlifting Club on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of October, 2018.

Venue Address
Cork Weightlifting Club
Unit G2, Marina Commercial Park
Centre Park Rd.
Co. Cork
Google Maps Link (sometimes shows as Elite Fitness Centre Cork)

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-InsAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeAwardsFlights
Saturday Morning06:30 – 08:0008:0008:30 – 12:3012:45A, B
Saturday Afternoon11:00 – 12:3012:3013:00 – 19:3019:45C, D1, D2
Sunday Morning07:00 – 08:3008:3009:00 – 13:3013:45E, F
Sunday Afternoon12:30 – 14:0014:0014:30 – 18:3018:45G, H


Please review the IPF’s 2017 Anti-Doping Letter. If you have any queries then please contact Dr. Tara Conlon (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc. If you miss weight on the day, you are welcome to compete as a guest but will not be eligible for placings or prizes.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List

The final entry list is below.

Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSessionLot
Moataz Abujennah-00725M – 59kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Solomon AdebisiMallow Extreme SCC Gym01300M – 105kg AHSunday AfternoonTBC
Jessica Anderson-00759F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Emily AzzaliKAOS Gym01315F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Ian BensonStudio One00548M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Gavin BolgerA.B.S. Powerlifting00590M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Conor Bond-01079M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Joachim Bosschaert-01246M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Shannon Burke-01247F – 52kgESunday MorningTBC
Gavin ButlerTailormade Health and Fitness00786M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Karina CallinanCityGym Limerick00963F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Neil CampbellKAOS Gym01304M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Claire CaulfieldSB Fitness00019F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Wei Choun Phoon-01242M – 66kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Dave CoffeyStudio One01307M – 105kg AHSunday AfternoonTBC
Mark CosgroveO'Brien Fitness01312M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Sandra CoyneStronglife Gym00704F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Nicole CraigKJ Powerlifting Club00397F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Niall CreeganKinetic Training Systems01321M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Sean CroweStrength Militia00118M – 120kg+HSunday AfternoonTBC
Maeve Cummins-00190F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Cormac CurtisImpact Strength & Performance01302M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
April DardisAthlone Powerlifting Club00600F – 57kgASaturday MorningTBC
Peter Davison-00518M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Christopher DeanCityGym Limerick00943M – 105kg BGSunday AfternoonTBC
Tomasz DolatowskiSouth East Powerlifters01040M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Marije DollenCork City Powerlifting ClubQUERYF – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Seán DowlingSB Fitness00404M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Mark Dowling#TeamGrindLife00048M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Conor DowlingKinetic Training Systems01308M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Ryan Downey-01214M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Chris DuffKinetic Training Systems01305M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Gavin EltonKinetic Training Systems01303M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Aisling Fahy-00424F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Cameron Faulkner-00824M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Deirdre Fenlon-00196F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Alan FlanaganReactive Training Systems00574M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Rachael ForkinUCC Powerlifting Club01317F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
David GagnonCork City Powerlifting Club00711M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Stephanie GleesonPearson Fitness & Performance00193F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Adam GlennonAthlone Powerlifting Club00710M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Vivienne GlynnCityGym Limerick01033F – 57kgASaturday MorningTBC
Joanne GreeneAthlone Powerlifting Club00319F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Clare GroganTrinity College Dublin01165F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Laura HanleyKJ Powerlifting Club00409F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Ben HarrisonKAOS Gym00293M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Sarah HaydenRevolution Fitness00598F – 57kgASaturday MorningTBC
Aaron HealyCork City Powerlifting ClubQUERYM – 120kg+HSunday AfternoonTBC
Orla Hodnett-01318F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Les HoganStudio OneQUERYM – 105kg BGSunday AfternoonTBC
Jess HoltStudio One01252F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Ashley HoltStudio One01253M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Darren Horgan-00021M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Ava HorriganCityGym Limerick00175F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
James HowlettXavier's School for Gifted YoungstersQUERYM – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Hazeline HuA.B.S. Powerlifting00285F – 57kgASaturday MorningTBC
Dan HurleyA.B.S. Powerlifting00055M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Donna IvieKAOS Gym00541F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Colin JonesCork City Powerlifting Club01239M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Gemma KavanaghKJ Strength and Performance00597F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Adam KeaneCityGym LimerickQUERYM – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Levi KeavneyThe Gym Ballina00978M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
William Kennedy-00362M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Jack Kenny-01244M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Sean KeyesStudio One01320M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Marc KeysEdinburgh Barbell00931M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Ryan LeeCustom Strength00524M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Maria LindenStudio OneQUERYF – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Mary Looby-00983F – 52kgESunday MorningTBC
Cian MaddenA.B.S. Powerlifting01296M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Tara maguireStudio One00547F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Tamzen Malone-01236F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Stephen Manning#TeamGrindLife00567M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Zita Maria McCabeAthlone Powerlifting Club00929F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Gemma Markey-00945F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Tracey MatthewsSB Fitness00560F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Emma McDermottA.B.S. Powerlifting01003F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Daire McDonaghUCC Powerlifting Club01160M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Aeilish McGovernFitness 4U00369F – 57kgASaturday MorningTBC
Kevin McGrath-00350M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Steven McGuireSayers Strength01216M – 105kg AHSunday AfternoonTBC
Brian McIntyreEverStrength Training00294M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Marie McManus-00933F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Lindsey McManusStorm Body Fitness00948F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Liam McManus-01249M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Stephanie McTiernanStronglife Gym00958F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Eoin Minchin-01190M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Dustin MitchellCork City Powerlifting Club01323M – 105kg BGSunday AfternoonTBC
Jenniece MohamedA.B.S. Powerlifting01012F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Darren MoloneyFitness Clinic00773M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Shayne Mone-00913M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Conor MulcahyO'Brien Fitness01258M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Sean Mulholland-01310M – 83kgGSunday AfternoonTBC
Pamela Myers-01319F – 52kgESunday MorningTBC
Rebecca NolanRevolution Fitness01314F – 57kgASaturday MorningTBC
Amy NolanA.B.S. Powerlifting00063F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
David NolanCityGym Limerick00383M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Siobhan O ConnellKJ Strength and Performance00987F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Ailbhe O'DalyImpact Strength & Performance00970F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Fin O'Donovan-01311M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Philip O'Kelly-01170M – 66kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Eoin O'LearyA.B.S. Powerlifting00310M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Colm O'MaraImpact Strength & Performance01231M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
John O'Neill-01248M – 105kg BGSunday AfternoonTBC
Kyran O'ReganKAOS Gym01306M – 74kgCSaturday AfternoonTBC
Alison O'Reilly-00290F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Ursula O'SullivanStrength Militia00427F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Scott Perry-01172M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Tanya Petrova-01158F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Jo Phelan-00707F – 84kg+ASaturday MorningTBC
Marion QuinnSB Fitness00942F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Tracey QuirkeSayers Strength01257F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Danielle ReevesKAOS Gym01007F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Niamh SavageFit For Less Midleton01298F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Sarah ScallanSouth Dublin Strength & Conditioning00203F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Dawn SteacyCork City Powerlifting Club01322F – 63kgBSaturday MorningTBC
Hannah StephensonStrength Militia00357F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Derrie SuttonRevolution Fitness00538M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Grace Tedford-01245F – 72kgFSunday MorningTBC
Jack ThorntonCityGym Limerick00425M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Claire TierneyStudio One01316F – 47kgASaturday MorningTBC
David WalshStudio One00792M – 105kg AHSunday AfternoonTBC
Thomas WalshLeisure Centre Westport01299M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Owen Webb O RourkeO'Brien Fitness01297M – 120kgHSunday AfternoonTBC
Ruth WhelanSF Fitness00331F – 84kgESunday MorningTBC
Gary WilliamsonCork City Powerlifting Club01250M – 105kg BGSunday AfternoonTBC
Darren Wilson-01004M – 93kg BD1Saturday AfternoonTBC
Warren YelvertonMallow Extreme SCC Gym01255M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC
Ivars ZemvaldsPearson Fitness & Performance01256M – 93kg AD2Saturday AfternoonTBC