The IPF Ulster Open 2017 is nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your competition day. Please consult the Entry List for details of your flight.

Days and Location

The Ulster Open will be held in Ulster University – Jordanstown, Antrim on February 25th and 26th 2017.

Venue Address
Ulster University – Jordanstown
Shore Road
Co. Antrim
BT37 0QB
Google Maps Link

Flight Splits
Detailed flight information below.

  • Saturday 25th: All Female Athletes; Male -59kg, -66kg, -74kg, & -83kg
  • Sunday 26th: Male -93kg, -105kg, -120kg, & 120+kg


Please review the IPF’s 2017 Anti-Doping Letter. If you have any queries then please contact Dr. Tara Conlon (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

Scheduled Weigh-In and Flight Times

Please remember that all flight times are estimated.

Saturday 25th February

  • Morning Session: Flights A & B
    • Weight Classes: -52kg, -57kg, -63kg, -72kg
    • Weigh-In: 0700 – 0830
    • Lifting Starts: 0900
      • Flight A Squats, Flight B Squats
      • Flight A Benches, Flight B Benches
      • Flight A Deadlifts, Flight B Deadlifts
    • Lifting Finishes: 1330 (estimated)
  • Afternoon Session: Flights C & D
    • Weight Classes: -84kg, 84+kg, -59kg, -66kg, -74kg, -83kg
    • Weigh-In: 1200 – 1330
    • Lifting Starts: 1400
      • Flight C Squats, Flight D Squats
      • Flight C Benches, Flight D Benches
      • Flight C Deadlifts, Flight D Deadlifts
    • Lifting Finishes: 1830 (estimated)
  • Prize-Giving
    • All Female Weight Categories
    • Female Best Lifter
    • Male -59kg, -66kg, -74kg, & -83kg Categories

Sunday 26th February

  • Morning Session: Flights E & F
    • Weight Classes: -93kg, -105kg, -120kg, 120+kg
    • Weigh-In: 0700 – 0830
    • Lifting Starts: 0900
      • Flight E Squats, Flight F Squats
      • Flight E Benches, Flight F Benches
      • Flight E Deadlifts, Flight F Deadlifts
    • Lifting Finishes: 1330 (estimated)
  • Prize-Giving
    • Male -93kg, -105kg, -120kg, 120+kg Categories
    • Male Best Lifter
    • Club Competition Winner

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc. If you miss weight on the day, you are welcome to compete as a guest but will not be eligible for placings or prizes.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.