Dear members,

We are delighted to announce that the IPF will be introducing two new weight classes to the female division in 2021.

The 72kg class will be dropped on the 1st of January and a new 69kg and 76kg class will be introduced.

This brings the total number of classes in the Male and Female divisions to 8 each and will provide increased lifting opportunities internationally.

The IrishPF Executive Committee have made the decision to implement these new classes with immediate effect, starting with the October Open.

This will ensure that the qualification pathway to Open Nationals is straightforward, as is selection for the Irish National team in 2021.

The Committee reserved the right to amend Nationals qualifying if this anticipated change were introduced. Automatic qualification for Nationals 2021 will therefore now be extended to the top 4 from Nationals 2020, rather than the top 3, for the 63kg/72kg/84kg classes.

Lifters competing in the October Open, J&M Nationals and the December Open will be able to select their desired weight classes for these competitions from the new weight categories. Emails will be sent to affected lifters to notify them of this.

Furthermore, the IPF have increased the number of lifters a National team can send in the Junior and Sub-Junior division from 8 lifters per sex to 9.

This is very positive decision and offers younger lifters more opportunities to represent √Čire and compete internationally, and we welcome both of these changes to the rules.

Yours in sport

IrishPF Executive Committee