The Irish Powerlifting Federation will be implementing a number of strategies for the safety of lifters, volunteers and spectators at the upcoming competitions planned for October, November and December.

These precautions will be reviewed in accordance with Government guidelines as the dates approach  and are subject to change.

All attendees (lifters, coaches, officials, volunteers, media team members and spectators) must wear a mask in the venue at all times. The only exception will be when athletes are lifting during warm-up and on the platform. 

Any attendees who feel ill and/or have any symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc) should withdraw from the competition. Any money paid will be refunded.

Anyone who develops symptoms during the event must alert the anti-doping officer, Tara Conlon, immediately. 

Below, we have outlined the various changes that will be implemented at these events. Anyone not complying with these precautions will be asked to leave.

A. Overall Event Changes

  • Contact Tracing

Lifters, coaches and spectators will be required to purchase tickets to the event through Tito. This will allow for the monitoring of numbers expected and follow-up for contact tracing, if necessary. Entry to the event will be by this ticket system only and will be monitored closely at the entrance to the event. Volunteers/ officials will be assigned tickets.

  • Capacity

As of August 4th, the maximum number of people permitted at indoor events is 50. Therefore, the number of tickets available for spectators will be based on availability after lifters, volunteers and coaches have been allocated tickets. 

Spectator tickets will be released once flights are confirmed.

Floor markings will be used to encourage social distancing when waiting for weigh-ins, use of toilets, etc.

  • Hand Sanitiser

All attendees should bring hand sanitiser but it will also be available at various points throughout the venue for regular use.

  • Face masks

All attendees must wear face masks at all times. Athletes may remove their masks when they are lifting (during their warm-up and on the platform) but wear them at all other times. 

You will be refused entry if you are not wearing a mask.

Any volunteers who do not have a mask must request one in advance of the event by contacting

  • Refunds

If you have to withdraw from the competition due to illness, your ticket will be refunded.

To request this refund, you must contact

  • Equipment Check 

This will not be taking place, to reduce close interaction, but spot checks will be performed by officials throughout the meet.

  • Weigh In

Lifters are asked to bring their own pen/pencil to weigh in. There will be a paper towel placed on scales and replaced between each lifter.

  • Social Distancing

All attendees are expected to follow social distancing regulations throughout the event, as much as possible.

  • Food Consumption and Disposal

Spectators must consume food outside, due to the requirement of masks inside. 

Lifters and volunteers will be allowed to eat inside but must dispose of rubbish and food safely.

Anyone who does not dispose of food and rubbish in the bins provided will be asked to leave and forfeit any right to participate.

B. Platform Changes

  • Spotters & Loaders

A larger number of volunteers will be required to ensure that S&L can be switched out more frequently to reduce the amount of time spent in close proximity to others.

We recommend that those in “at risk” categories do not volunteer.

The bar will be sanitised between each round of squat, bench and deadlift and S&Ls will also be required to use hand sanitiser regularly.

  • Referees

Centre refs will have the option to wear a visor in addition to a mask, which will be provided on the day.

Lights will be sanitised before being handed over to another referee.

  • Audience

The platform will be spaced 4 metres from the audience.

  • Media Team

Media team members can choose to wear visors in addition to masks due to closer proximity to the platform. They also must be wary of keeping a distance from referees.

C. Warm-Up Room Changes

  • Capacity

A one coach per lifter rule will be strictly enforced through ticketing and, in the warm-up room, no more than three coaches per team can be present (even if they have more than 3 lifters in the flight).

  • Rack Assignments

Depending on the number of racks available at the venue, lifters will either be assigned to a rack or there will be a maximum number of 4 lifters allowed to use each rack, to ensure social distancing can take place.

  • Hand sanitiser

Lifters and coaches will be expected to use this regularly during warmup and to avoid touching their face.

Lifters will also be required to use hand sanitiser between each attempt and allow it to dry before putting on chalk.

  • Chalk

Lifters must bring their own chalk to the event and must not share with other lifters.

Liquid chalk is not permitted.