For information, the following statement was sent to all Irish PF national team members due to attend the upcoming World Championships in Belarus and South Africa.

Dear lifter,

Unfortunately, the Irish PF Executive Committee has decided that the Irish PF will not be participating in the IPF World Junior/ Open Classic Powerlifting Championships in Belarus or in the IPF World Masters Classic Powerlifting Championships in South Africa. We will be notifying the IPF of our official withdrawal from both championships.

We are sorry to be in a position where we feel that this is the only reasonable decision we can make for the safety of our lifters, coaches and referees. Whilst this decision is primarily focused on safety, we are also mindful that a significant number of other countries have already chosen not to send teams. As a result we believe that, even if the championships were to proceed, the level of competition would not be at the usual high level in which we love to participate.

We appreciate that some of you may have wished for us to announce this sooner, while others may have wished for us to wait and see. Unfortunately, in a volatile and changing situation, there is no perfect time to make a decision. However, given the ongoing situation surrounding coronavirus and the risks associated with travel, we feel that the decision is now  inevitable and required in order to give lifters  and the federation the certainty needed to make future plans.

You’ll be disappointed not to display your progress, and we as a federation are sorry that circumstances have taken the opportunity to compete internationally away from you. Many of you are seasoned competitors, and we’re excited to see what you next bring to the platform after a long off-season to build. For newer international lifters, we believe that you’ll bring an even stronger package to the platform with more time to build on your progress. As a federation, we will work to deliver the best Irish PF Nationals yet for you to smash your goals in 2021. Until then, stay healthy and stay strong.

Yours in sport,
The Irish PF Executive Committee