Nationals invites will be issued in December following the final IrishPF competition of 2020.

Qualifying for Nationals 2021 will be based on the qualifying criteria below along with existing eligibility criteria.

1) As usual, the Top 7 totals set at IrishPF/ IPF/EPF competitions for each weight class will qualify.

Nationals 2021 qualifying totals will be accepted from any IrishPF/IPF/EPF competition between 3rd Feb 2020 and 15th Dec 2020. Totals set at Nationals 2020 will not count for Top 7 qualification which follows the precedent established in prior years (with exceptions outlined in point 4).

2) Lifters who achieved a podium position at Nationals 2020 will automatically be invited to Nationals 2021. This is in addition to the Top 7 totals if they have not also qualified as a Top 7 total for 2021.

3) Totals set at NIPF competitions during the qualification period will be accepted for IrishPF Nationals 2021 qualification. This will be subject to the eligibility criteria available HERE and possession of a joint IrishPF–NIPF membership. This is in addition to the Top 7 totals set at IrishPF/EPF/IPF competitions. Lifters will qualify if the total set is equal to or higher than the #7 total referred to at point 1 in the same weight class. If the total is equal, the DOTS must also be equal or higher.

4) In exceptional circumstances, lifters who have a compelling health reason not to compete again in 2020 due to coronavirus, but who may have otherwise qualified for Nationals 2021, can submit a request for a 2019/2020 total outside the qualification period to be considered. These requests must be submitted to along with any applicable supplementary evidence by 1st September 2020.

Note: depending on the IPF decision regarding the introduction of 69kg and 76kg weight classes for females, we reserve the right to extend qualifying for the 63/69/76/84 classes. Any changes we make here will only result in net additional invitations. No lifter will be penalised or miss out if these classes are introduced.