10 Facts you didn’t know about the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation)IPF Iamge

  •  9 African Nations, 20 Asian Nations, 34 European Nations, 12 North American Nations, 13 Oceania Nations and 8 South American Nations. 96 Nations in total are affiliated to the IPF.
  • 12 female lifters have been inducted into the IPF hall of Fame. 20 male lifters have been inducted as well
  • Sub Junior Men’s weight classes go from -53kg to +120kg, Sub-Junior Womens weight classes go from -43kg to +84kg. Men have 9 weight classes, women have 8 weight classes in this age category.


  • Best Male Lifter at the Open Championship in Denver was Carl Ingvar Christensen (Norway) with a wilks of 669.36 (in the +120kg class) only just beating Sergey Fedosienko (Russia) whom had a wilks score of 668.69 at a bodyweight of 58kg. This highlights Powerlifting is for all sizes and shapes.
  • SBD is one of the main sponsors for the IPF. It is based in Great Britain and has sold its products to 200 nations. They sponsor some of the best lifters in the IPF such as Kimberly Walford (USA), Ray Williams (USA) and Stephen Manuel (GB).SBD Ireland
  • IPF is a drug tested federation which runs it’s Anti-Doping branch in accordance with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) protocols.

WADA Ireland

  • The IPF has a range of competitions all year round these include World Sub Junior/Junior comps (Classic and Equipped) alongside the Open (Classic and Equipped) World Championships.
  • The newest Federation to become affiliated to the IPF is the Ireland Federation. Its president is Sean Ryan
  • The newest event to emerge on the Powerlifting Calendar is the Combined Asian and Oceania Powerlifting Championships. At the inaugural event 20 nations attended with nearly 500 lifters in participationAll Asian
  • The IPF compete at the World Games, the World Games is one step below the Olympics. This is for sports which are trying to receive Olympic Status. One day Powerlifting will get this as so many other sports have progressed from this e.g. Triathlon.

Next competition 8th August @ The ABS Gym, Dublin – IrishPF Open Championship. CLICK HERE to register.