Athletes’ Briefing


  • Lifters may change openers for each lift once. It can be higher or lower than the original attempt submitted. The order of lifting in the first round will change accordingly. 
  • For lifters in the first flight, changes can be made at any time up to 3 minutes before the flight is to begin. For the lifters in the second flight, changes can be made up until the 3rd last lift of the first flight.


  • When the bar is loaded, you have one minute to get into the correct position to receive the start command. Failure to do so will result in no lift.
  • If you receive a REPLACE command instead, it is because you are not in the correct start position, e.g. knees not locked, so must re rack the bar and set yourself up again before the one minute time is up. 
  • When given the START command, you may commence the lift lowering down until the hip crease is lower than the top of the knee, standing up straight again with knees locked out and awaiting the RACK command before returning the bar to the rack. 
  • If something goes wrong, remain with the bar. DO NOT dump the bar on the spotters! 


  • When the bar is loaded, you will have one minute to get into the correct position to receive the START command.
  • Let the spotters know if you want a lift off.
  • DO NOT enter the bench from behind/under the bar, this will be a no lift.
  • Hair must be tied back in a way that does not obstruct the view of the head on the bench.
  • Unrack the bar and await the START command.
  • If you receive a REPLACE command, it is because you are not in the correct start position. Re rack the bar and start again. Ensure your elbows are locked out and your heels are flat on the ground. The clock is ticking.
  • Lower the bar in a controlled manner to your chest. You will not receive the PRESS command until the bar is motionless so some may be longer than others.
  • When you receive the command, press the bar until your elbows are fully locked out.
  • DO NOT rack the bar until you receive the RACK command.
  • If anything goes wrong, remain with the bar, do not take your hands off it until it is racked again.


  • There is NO START command for deadlift. 
  • When the bar is loaded, you will have one minute to attempt your lift.
  • Lift the bar until you stand erect with it, knees locked and shoulders back.
  • If at the top of the lift you do not receive a DOWN command, the referee is giving you 5 seconds to LOCK IT OUT.
  • When given the DOWN command, lower the bar in a controlled manner to the floor. 
  • Dumping the bar, or your hand opening from the bar before it is on the ground, will result in a NO LIFT.
  • If at any point during the competition you require to have the bar/bench/platform cleaned, the request must be made to the TC or Centre Referee only. DO NOT ask the spotters and loaders.
  • If the request is not made before BAR IS LOADED is called, then it will not be granted. The clock is ticking!!


  • Please be respectful to your fellow lifters and coaches.
  • Emotions can run high at competitions and you may not always agree with the referees decisions but ANY verbal abuse or physical aggression towards the referees will result in you being  AUTOMATICALLY disqualified from the competition and disciplinary action being taken.
  • If anyone decides to start removing their clothes on the platform, they will AUTOMATICALLY be disqualified.


  • Be respectful of the warm up area and the kit. 
  • Keep it clean and keep it clear.
  • Only use talc/ baby powder in the designated area.
  • When your flight is over, pick up your rubbish and vacate the area ASAP for the next session of lifters.
  • Keep the area/walkway to the platform clear. 
  • When you have finished your lift, move out of the way for the next lifter.
  • Only ONE coach is allowed out to the platform with the lifter.
  • Coaches/friends of lifters, if you are not coaching someone in this session, you must leave the warm-up area. There is limited space as is.


  • The medal ceremony will be held after your session unless time delays require it to be moved to the end of day. You will be notified if this happens
  • All lifters must have trousers, long sleeve top and shoes on for the ceremony.
  • You will not be allowed to attend in shorts, singlet, t-shirt or socks.
  • All lifters MUST remain on the premises until after the medal ceremony for anti-doping purposes. You may only leave before this with permission from the Anti-Doping Officer or Technical Officer/ Chief Referee.

If anyone has any further questions, please direct them towards the Officials and we will help in any way we can.

Best of luck to all lifters!