Duties of the IPF Executive Committee


  • Responsible for the running of the federation along with the support of the Executive and Operating Committee
  • Maintains the federation accounts and sets up new logins/ profiles for new committee members 
  • Provides support and guidance for committee members and delegates and oversees tasks involved in the running of the federation
  • Manages the communication tools for both the Operating and Executive Committees and is responsible for monitoring important decisions within the federation
  • Organises committee meetings and chairs the federation AGM


General Secretary

  • Maintains federation policies and answers queries about them
  • Is the Designated Liaison Officer and deals with Safeguarding matters
  • Manages media personnel enquiries and assigns media passes for competitions
  • Is responsible for leading the process to achieve Sport Ireland Recognition
  • Records minutes of AGMs and committee meetings and publishes relevant updates to members
  • Organises and notifies members of AGM



  • Responsible for supporting National team athletes and improving the experience for them, e.g. funding projects, National team training days, etc
  • The link between the Coaching Committee and the Executive Committee and relays all relevant information between both parties
  • Liaises with the National Team Managers to fulfill nomination procedures
  • Orders team tracksuits for the National team athletes



  • Responsible for all financial tasks involved in the running of the federation, including monthly financial reports, creating budgets and monitoring spending
  • Manages the federation bank account and all other financial tools, e.g. Stripe
  • Responsible for all financial transactions required to be completed
  • Maintains financial records for presentation to membership and for auditing purposes


Technical Officer

  • Responsible for training new referees through exams and shadow sessions
  • Monitoring of referee standards at competitions and providing feedback when necessary
  • Providing training for referees on how to utilise referee technology
  • Liaising with the International federations to progress referees to international level exams
  • Ensuring that all uniform is up-to-date and supplied to all referees
  • Responsible for notifying members of new rule changes and updates to Technical Rules/ Equipment List