Duties of the IrishPF Operating Committee

Anti-Doping Officer

  • Co-ordinating the Irish PF’s Anti-Doping Programme, including management of the anti-doping budget and liaison with the Irish PF Treasurer in relation to budget requirements
  • Liaising with the Irish PF’s Anti-Doping suppliers and partners (e.g. CCES, Sport Ireland, testers, labs, WADA, etc.) to provide calendar information and flights for each competition
  • Ensuring that there is an adequate Anti-Doping Area set up at every competition
  • Supervising, or deputising someone to supervise, all Irish PF in-competition testing
  • Reporting all anti-doping results to the Irish PF Executive Committee and the International Powerlifting Federation and European Powerlifting Federation as required
  • Liaising with Social Media Officer to provide updates about WADA guidelines, prohibited list, and any education needed for lifters
  • Liaising with Website Officer to ensure website is updated with WADA Code and Prohibited List
  • Answering Anti-Doping queries from members via email
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF

Competition Secretary

This role involves the majority of the administrative and technology-related tasks involved in the organisation of competitions. They will be the main link between the Operating Committee and the Executive Committee, keeping all parties updated on decisions made.

  • Liaising with venues and the Executive Committee to create a suitable Competition Calendar of regional and national-level competitions that align with the International federations’ calendars
  • Providing a Competition Calendar to the Irish PF Membership and liaising with the NIPF to minimise competition clashes where possible and arrange scheduling of joint competitions where required 
  • Maintaining the Competition Calendar and organising for communication of any changes to the Competition Calendar to the membership base via social media and the website calendar
  • Responding to competition queries via email and social media
  • Creating invite lists or criteria if required, in liaison with the Irish PF Executive Committee, and ensuring that all competitors are members of the Irish PF in good standing
  • Sending out invitations for all National-level events and liaising with the Competition Directors about tickets
  • Agreeing on lifting schedules with the venue Meet Director and Technical Director and communicating this to lifters via the website and social media
  • Setting up LiftingCast in advance of the competition and providing login details to Technical Director, Competition Director and Livestream personnel 
  • Publishing results of competition to Open Powerlifting
  • Ensuring all documentation (weigh in sheets/ kit check/ anti-doping forms/ attempt slips/ etc) are created for each competition and ready to be printed by Competition Director
  • Liaising with the Social Media Officer to publish relevant posts for competitions and lifter achievements
  • Liaising with the Marketing & Sponsorship Officer to improve the competition experience
  • Updating the Executive Committee with all relevant competition information and relaying decisions made to the Operating Committee when required
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF

Competition Director

Two members are required for this role as it involves the organisation and in-person operational delivery of competitions. 

  • Managing the scheduling and delivery of all provincial and national-level competitions throughout Ireland by attending and overseeing competition weekends
  • Liaising with the Irish PF Treasurer and Executive Committee in regard to competition budgets and entry fees
  • Launching events and ticket sales on Tito and notifying members through email, the website and social media
  • Monitoring and managing ticket sales and waitlist procedures on Tito
  • Liaising with venue meet directors to confirm meet arrangements and how they can facilitate the running of the event
  • Monitoring progress of competition preparation and providing updates on this as required to the Competition Secretary
  • Arranging for Irish PF medals and Best Lifter trophies to be provided
  • Liaising with the Volunteer Managers to ensure adequate personnel are provided for all competitions and that refreshments will be available for the volunteers
  • Liaising with Anti-Doping Director re. anti-doping requirements 
  • Liaising with Technical Director re. referee availability 
  • Liaising with Social Media and Marketing Officer re. competition arrangements and promotion
  • Ensuring print-outs of weigh in sheets/ kit check/ anti-doping forms/ attempt slips/ etc are printed and delivered to venue
  • Liaising with media partners to obtain photos and videos for post-competition recaps and delivering all to Social Media Officer 
  • Carrying out post-competition evaluation and reporting to Irish PF Executive Committee on this after competitions
  • Arranging for competition certificates to be created, printed and completed on the day of competition
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF


Operations Manager

This is a new role that will involve working directly with the Competition Secretary and Competition Directors to ensure all requirements are met by the venue for the competition.

  • Liaising with venue meet directors about necessary equipment and setup checklist
  • Arranging for any equipment requirements not met by the venue Meet Director to be fulfilled by contacting other gyms
  • Transporting or arranging for transport of equipment to venues
  • Organising volunteers to set up before and clear up after competitions
  • Organising reward system for gyms and volunteers, e.g. discounts or early bird
  • Liaising with the Treasurer to organise budgets and refunds for transport costs
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF


Records and Membership Officer

  • Communicating with Clubforce to update membership page or to rectify any issues.
  • Responding to membership queries
  • Creating and providing discounts as necessary
  • Providing references to Irish PF members wishing to compete domestically with other International Powerlifting Federation affiliates
  • Certifying and updating all Irish National Records achieved in sanctioned competitions
  • Creating and arranging for digital certificates to be uploaded to the Irish PF website in a timely manner
  • Ensuring records are kept up to date and are available at each National-level competition
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF


Social Media Officer

  • Managing the Irish PF’s Social Media presence including but not limited to Instagram and Facebook
  • Answering queries on social media or directing towards the relevant email channels
  • Updating the Linktree and highlights with relevant links and information
  • Publishing posts for ticket sales, recaps and other announcements
  • Liaising with media partners for photography and videography for promotional use
  • Posting reminders about important dates for deadlines, events, etc
  • Liaising with other committee members about updating members on specific areas, e.g. rule changes, anti-doping guidelines, etc
  • Gathering and publishing lifter information in advance of international competitions and publishing story updates with livestream links and results
  • Promoting the Irish PF’s competitions across all Social Media channels
  • Growing the Irish PF’s Social Media following
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF


Website Officer

  • Managing and maintaining the Irish PF’s website
  • Ensuring the Irish PF’s website has timely information relating to membership, calendar, competitions, and records
  • Liaising with Competition Secretary to post flights and athlete information
  • Liaising with Competition Director to post ticket links and competition information
  • Updating other content to the Irish PF’s website in line with the Irish PF’s ethos and membership’s interests
  • Updating media content to reflect current members
  • Updating website in any way that may improve user experience
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF


Volunteer Manager

  • Arranging volunteers for competitions and creating a spreadsheet detailing their responsibilities for the meet
  • Creating How-To videos for volunteer roles
  • Organising Spotting & Loading workshops
  • Attending competitions to organise volunteers and ensure they understand their roles
  • Organising refreshments for volunteers at competition
  • Ordering t-shirts for Spotters & Loaders (and other volunteers when budget is available)
  • Managing the Early Bird list for all volunteers to gain priority access to tickets
  • Managing the Facebook group and liaising with Social Media Officer to make announcements
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF


Marketing & Sponsorship Officer

  • Identifying and pursuing potential sponsorship opportunities for Irish PF and communicating with the Irish PF Executive Committee about potential sponsorship opportunities
  • Drawing up and delivering contracts for sponsors
  • Liaising with competition directors and volunteer managers about items that have been provided by sponsors for competitions
  • Managing delivery of any requirements arising as a result of marketing and sponsorship
  • Liaising with a chosen company to organise Irish PF merchandise for members
  • Organising ordering and delivery methods for merchandise
  • Other duties as necessary in order to achieve the aims of the Irish PF