Updated: 20th September 2017.

The final entry list for the Irish Powerlifting Federation’s October Open 2017 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Queries: please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSession
Bernard O'Reilly-00234M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Conor O'DriscollUCC Powerlifting Club00570M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Darragh MulcahyCityGym Limerick00423M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Darren Enright-00372M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Darren HorganUCC Powerlifting Club00021M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Eoin HealyCityGym Limerick00793M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Eric KilleenRevolution Fitness00081M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Gavin HicksUCC Powerlifting Club00352M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Paul BerryCustom Strength00665M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Ryan GingPearson Fitness & Performance00197M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Shane HalliganAthlone Powerlifting Club00720M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Thomas McKennaStrength Militia00686M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Tony Campion-00371M – 83kg BASaturday AM
Daniel McilhaggaCustom Strength00001M – 105kgBSaturday AM
David HorganUCC Powerlifting Club00718M – 105kgBSaturday AM
David MoranKJ Strength and Performance00687M – 105kgBSaturday AM
David WalshCityGym Limerick00792M – 105kgBSaturday AM
Gavin DenihanCork City Powerlifting Club00312M – 105kgBSaturday AM
James HanleyRevolution Fitness00282M – 105kgBSaturday AM
Luke CurranRevolution Fitness00084M – 105kgBSaturday AM
Niall O'DonoghueCityGym Limerick00761M – 105kgBSaturday AM
Sean HoganCityGym Limerick00174M – 105kgBSaturday AM
Sean BrennanPearson Fitness & Performance00724M – 105kgBSaturday AM
Seán HickeyUCC Powerlifting Club00090M – 105kgBSaturday AM
Dan HurleyUCC Powerlifting Club00055M – 83kg ABSaturday AM
Jonny GardnerCustom Strength00482M – 83kg ABSaturday AM
William ClarkePureFitness00338M – 83kg ABSaturday AM
Adam LoughnaneUCC Powerlifting Club00587M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Alan O'DohertyTotal Body Fitness00571M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Christopher WilkinsonStrength MilitiaPENDINGM – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Cian MurphyKJ Strength and Performance00803M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Darren MoloneyKerry Powerlifting Club00773M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Donnacha CreganCityGym Limerick00394M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Eric Yeung-00373M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Fergal O'ConnorUCC Powerlifting Club00563M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
James KellyCityGym Limerick00774M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
James CooganStrength Militia00035M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Jerry QuirkeCityGym Limerick00797M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Kevin CampbellStrength Militia00658M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Lee ClarkePureFitness00762M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Richard BurkeUCC Powerlifting Club00592M – 74kg BCSaturday PM
Colm Curley-00620M – 74kg ADSaturday PM
Mark SwayneUCC Powerlifting Club00615M – 74kg ADSaturday PM
Tommy Hourigan-00780M – 74kg ADSaturday PM
Cian LinehanCityGym Limerick00349M – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Darragh HynesCityGym Limerick00795M – 93kg BDSaturday PM
David Nolan-00383M – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Gar BennCityGym Limerick00355M – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Gary O'Connor-00356M – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Matthew HoganCityGym LimerickPENDINGM – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Michael KielyCityGym Limerick00351M – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Pearse TohillStrength MilitiaPENDINGM – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Silvano SennZenFitness00339M – 93kg BDSaturday PM
Billy AhernCityGym Limerick00173M – 120kgESunday AM
Donal O'BrienCork City Powerlifting Club00802M – 120kgESunday AM
Richard NolanCityGym Limerick00353M – 120kgESunday AM
Andre du PlessisIron Gladiator00154M – 120kg+ESunday AM
Jason FehilyKJ Powerlifting Club00402M – 120kg+ESunday AM
John O'Dwyer-00223M – 120kg+ESunday AM
Brian MaddenUCC Powerlifting Club00208M – 93kg AESunday AM
David Duncan-00420M – 93kg AESunday AM
David GagnonCork City Powerlifting Club00711M – 93kg AESunday AM
Ian BensonStudio One00548M – 93kg AESunday AM
Kevin McGrathKJ Strength and Performance00350M – 93kg AESunday AM
Nigel PearsonPearson Fitness & Performance00131M – 93kg AESunday AM
Paul Keely-00703M – 93kg AESunday AM
Shane CorbettCityGym Limerick00172M – 93kg AESunday AM
Gemma DaveyStorm Bodyfitness00313F – 52kgFSunday AM
Karina FlenikCityGym Limerick00799F – 52kgFSunday AM
Mairead Murphy-00602F – 52kgFSunday AM
Chere DuffyUCC Powerlifting Club00576F – 57kgFSunday AM
Geina McGrath-00775F – 57kgFSunday AM
Gillian Duffy-00719F – 57kgFSunday AM
Jean KellyUCC Powerlifting Club00582F – 57kgFSunday AM
Leanne O'SullivanPeak Performance Academy00804F – 57kgFSunday AM
Nicola PhelanCityGym Limerick00367F – 57kgFSunday AM
Trisha O'DowdPeak Performance Academy00384F – 57kgFSunday AM
Alex CreminsCityGym Limerick00791M – 66kgFSunday AM
Ewan MullaneUCC Powerlifting Club00589M – 66kgFSunday AM
Mohaned Abujennah-00723M – 66kgFSunday AM
Aisling StapletonCityGym Limerick00014F – 63kgGSunday PM
Amanda DunleaKJ Strength and Performance00689F – 63kgGSunday PM
Dawn MurphyPeak Performance Academy00550F – 63kgGSunday PM
Eva LomasneyStudio One00545F – 63kgGSunday PM
Leanne QuinnCityGym Limerick00770F – 63kgGSunday PM
Lisa TowellStudio One00608F – 63kgGSunday PM
Ruth AllenPeak Performance Academy00436F – 63kgGSunday PM
Sarah Jane Devaney-00726F – 63kgGSunday PM
Siobhan CotterCork City Powerlifting Club00727F – 63kgGSunday PM
Elaine O'SullivanPeak Performance Academy00614F – 72kg BGSunday PM
Fiona GlynnStorm Bodyfitness00345F – 72kg BGSunday PM
Tatjana UdovicenkoCityGym Limerick00764F – 72kg BGSunday PM
Claire Kelly-00117F – 72kg AHSunday PM
Clare Duffy-00207F – 72kg AHSunday PM
Rachel CassidyKJ Strength and Performance00694F – 72kg AHSunday PM
Freya hammerUCC Powerlifting Club00581F – 84kgHSunday PM
Jo PhelanElevate Fitness & Performance00707F – 84kgHSunday PM
Niamh DoyleCityGym Limerick00760F – 84kgHSunday PM
Sophie Renshaw-00612F – 84kgHSunday PM
Clodagh CecilSouth East Powerlifters00340F – 84kg+HSunday PM
Heather ThompsonKaizen Strength00364F – 84kg+HSunday PM
Megan Dunlea O'BrienKJ Strength and Performance00599F – 84kg+HSunday PM
Rachel MaddenUCC Powerlifting ClubPENDINGF – 84kg+HSunday PM
Sarah GardinerCityGym Limerick00433F – 84kg+HSunday PM
Tracey KellyUCC Powerlifting Club00593F – 84kg+HSunday PM