Updated: 24th August 2017.

The final entry list for the Irish Powerlifting Federation’s September Open 2017 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Queries: please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage.

LifterMembershipWeight ClassFlightSession
Kotchaphan Mai-On712F – 47kgASaturday AM
April Dardis600F – 57kgASaturday AM
Emily Walsh716F – 57kgASaturday AM
Martina Hanniffy569F – 57kgASaturday AM
Carol Lennon562F – 63kgASaturday AM
Grace Kelly368F – 63kgASaturday AM
Zita Maria McCabePendingF – 63kgASaturday AM
Eleanor McShortall132F – 72kgASaturday AM
Joanne Gibbons554F – 72kgASaturday AM
Maeve CumminsPendingF – 72kgASaturday AM
Benny GilliganPendingF – 84kgBSaturday AM
Edel Larkin709F – 84kgBSaturday AM
Fidelma GilliganPendingF – 84kgBSaturday AM
Catherine Higgs999F – 84kg+BSaturday AM
Miranda Connolly159F – 84kg+BSaturday AM
Rachel CurleyPendingF – 84kg+BSaturday AM
Caolan McgladePendingM – 59kgBSaturday AM
Ashwin Amersi71M – 74kgBSaturday AM
Kevin Croughan178M – 74kgBSaturday AM
Matthew WalshPendingM – 74kgBSaturday AM
Stuart Brown692M – 74kgBSaturday AM
Thomas Donoghue551M – 74kgBSaturday AM
Adam Glennon710M – 120kgCSaturday PM
Michael WhelanPendingM – 120kg+CSaturday PM
Callum McCormack219M – 83kgCSaturday PM
Damian Nam303M – 83kgCSaturday PM
John Abbey320M – 83kgCSaturday PM
Karoly BovizPendingM – 83kgCSaturday PM
Michael Moran729M – 83kgCSaturday PM
Simon O'Neill731M – 83kgCSaturday PM
Trevor WalshePendingM – 83kgCSaturday PM
Cameron Higgs8M – 105kgDSaturday PM
Craig Moore743M – 105kgDSaturday PM
Daniel McHugh365M – 105kgDSaturday PM
Darren FrielPendingM – 105kgDSaturday PM
Derrie Sutton538M – 105kgDSaturday PM
Alexander Wilson-Flynn358M – 93kgDSaturday PM
Fionn Hanratty418M – 93kgDSaturday PM
James Lynch29M – 93kgDSaturday PM
Kevin MoranPendingM – 93kgDSaturday PM