IrishPF September Open 2023 (Phenom) – Athlete Information


The IrishPF September Open 2023 being held in Phenom is nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your meet day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IrishPF September Open 2023 will be held in Phenom Gym on Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th September 2023 .

Venue Address
Phenom Gym,
Business Park,
Unit 6 Monahan Road,
T12 V206

Google Maps Link

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-InsAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeFlights
Saturday AM 7:00AM-8:30AM8:30AM9:00AM-1:30PMA,B
Saturday PM12:30PM-2:00PM2:00PM2:30PM-7:00PMC,D
Sunday AM7:00AM-8:30AM8:30AM9:00AM-1:30PME,F
Sunday PM12:30PM-2:00PM2:00PM2:30PM-7:00PMG,H


Please review the IPF’s 2022 Anti-Doping Letter.

Please also note that for athletes requiring a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) the cost associated is €100 for international lifters and €385 for non-international lifters.

If you have any queries then please contact Jayne Jones (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc.

Q: Can I change club?
A: No, not at this stage. You may remove your club but you cannot change to a new club at this point.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List

The final entry list is below. Please email IPF Competitions with any queries at this stage.

A1Amy CunninghamF - 63kgOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
A2Christina VoloshchukF - 63kgSAT AM
A3Isabelle BocF - 63kgOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
A4Nova SatyadiF - 63kgPhenom GymSAT AM
A5Dustin De PerioM - 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
A6Jonathan FurlongM - 105kgSAT AM
A7Adam PhillipsM - 105kgOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
A8Andrey BelyakovM - 105kgVictory FitnessSAT AM
A9Michael DunneM - 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
A10Hugh NowlanM - 105kgSAT AM
A11Raph BrittonM - 105kgSAT AM
A12John FerryM - 105kgSAT AM
A13Gary WilliamsonM - 105kgPhenom GymSAT AM
A14Ryan BroderickM - 105kgFlexx Training SystemsSAT AM
B15Aisling McHughF - 63kgKAOS GymSAT AM
B16Megan WeirF - 63kgCityGym LimerickSAT AM
B17Julie CorriganF - 63kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
B18Marie MonganF - 63kgSAT AM
B19Sandra EvansF - 63kgPeak Performance KillarneySAT AM
B20Danielle HendleyF - 63kgPhenom GymSAT AM
B21Aine O'NeillF - 63kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
B22Lorraine AhernF - 84kgVictory FitnessSAT AM
B23Ross TwomeyM - 59kgPeak Performance KillarneySAT AM
B24Enda MaherM - 120kg+Luke Fitzgerald CoachingSAT AM
B25Kieran WalshM - 120kg+Phenom GymSAT AM
B26Gordon BedlowM - 120kg+Phenom GymSAT AM
B27Brendan CarrollM - 120kg+KAOS GymSAT AM
B28Gavin BolgerM - 120kg+Phenom GymSAT AM
C29Claire McCannF - 52kgCPFSAT PM
C30Bláthnaid O’DwyerF - 52kgUrban BarbellSAT PM
C31Bonnie PercivalF - 57kgSAT PM
C32Jo O'DwyerF - 69kgVictory FitnessSAT PM
C33Rebecca RussellF - 69kgPhenom GymSAT PM
C34Milda FarrellF - 76kgSAT PM
C35Ciara MooreF - 69kgEverstrengthSAT PM
C36Jayne JonesF - 69kgThe Strength GuysSAT PM
C37Caoimhe BaneF - 69kgPhenom GymSAT PM
C38Karen KeatingeF - 69kgKAOS GymSAT PM
C39Jennifer HarringtonF - 69kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
C40Kate SheehanF - 69kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
C41Aveen DalyF - 69kgSAT PM
C42Elizabeth BocF - 69kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
D43Ruairi EagersM - 66kgSAT PM
D44Michael O'DonnellM - 66kgPeak Performance KillarneySAT PM
D45Hamza BanaM - 66kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
D46Paidraic O'ConnorM - 93kgPhenom GymSAT PM
D47Jonathan ButlerM - 93kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
D48Usman ArifM - 93kgSAT PM
D49Arthur OdlumM - 93kgSAT PM
D50Ronan DunwellM - 93kgPhenom GymSAT PM
D51Akinwande MajolaM - 93kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
D52Raul Martin GonzalezM - 93kgPhenom GymSAT PM
D53Joseph SheerinM - 93kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
D54Emils JekabsonsM - 93kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
D55Michael RanaghanM - 93kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
D56Sean OkaforM - 93kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
E57Euan HarrisonM - 83kgPhenom GymSUN AM
E58Mark DoyleM - 83kgSUN AM
E59Aaron HutchinsonM - 83kgMTUSUN AM
E60Jimmy KelleherM - 83kgSUN AM
E61Paul KilleenM - 83kgSUN AM
E62Frank FallonM - 83kgUrban BarbellSUN AM
E63Shane ReynoldsM - 83kgSUN AM
E64Dominic MasaM - 83kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
E65Sameer ShaikhM - 83kgSUN AM
E66Tim UdaltsovM - 83kgPhenom GymSUN AM
E67David LawlorM - 83kgNeart Strength SystemsSUN AM
E68Dylan LongM - 83kgPhenom GymSUN AM
E69Vadim KalininM - 83kgSUN AM
E70Aaron MurphyM - 83kgOdyssey StrengthSUN AM
F71Hugh RocheM - 83kgSUN AM
F72Bobby LeaskM - 83kgGSP GymSUN AM
F73Mark AustinM - 83kgSUN AM
F74Benny GilliganM - 83kgRSC PowerliftingSUN AM
F75Neil MamarilM - 83kgSUN AM
F76Senan McAuleyM - 83kgPhenom GymSUN AM
F77Dylan StapletonM - 83kgPhenom GymSUN AM
F78Jack KennedyM - 120kgKAOS GymSUN AM
F79Joe FanningM - 120kgKAOS GymSUN AM
F80David HorganM - 120kgPhenom GymSUN AM
F81Andrew O'DohertyM - 120kgUrban BarbellSUN AM
F82Owen RyanM - 120kgSUN AM
F83Evan CorrM - 120kgUrban BarbellSUN AM
F84Padraig TanseyM - 120kgSUN AM
G85Nicole LyleF - 76kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
G86Shannon RafteryF - 76kgSUN PM
G87Lisa KingF - 76kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
G88Eimer CollierF - 76kgPhenom GymSUN PM
G89Annmarie MolloyF - 76kgKAOS GymSUN PM
G90Mia KovacsF - 76kgPhenom GymSUN PM
G91Ruth SinclairF - 76kgFlexx Training SystemsSUN PM
G92Ailish CarrollF - 84kg+SUN PM
G93Daragh KervickF - 84kg+Phenom GymSUN PM
G94Cheryl BedlowF - 84kg+Phenom GymSUN PM
G95Aisling O'DwyerF - 84kg+CityGym LimerickSUN PM
G96Veronica HarveyF - 84kg+A.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
G97Nicole CraigF - 84kg+Phenom GymSUN PM
G98Susan GroganF - 84kg+SB FitnessSUN PM
H99Jamie ConlonM - 74kgNeart Strength SystemsSUN PM
H100William CliffordM - 74kgKAOS GymSUN PM
H101Joey WoodwardM - 74kgPhenom GymSUN PM
H102Oisín BerginM - 74kgNeart Strength SystemsSUN PM
H103Eoin ShanahanM - 74kgPhenom GymSUN PM
H104Darren MoloneyM - 74kgPeak Performance KillarneySUN PM
H105Evan DolanM - 74kgSUN PM
H106Billy YatesM - 74kgPhenom GymSUN PM
H107Dale CarrollM - 74kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
H108Rossa McAuleyM - 74kgPhenom GymSUN PM
H109Scott ButtimerM - 74kgPhenom GymSUN PM
H110Vincent GahanM - 74kgSUN PM
H111Hugh ConroyM - 74kgOdyssey StrengthSUN PM
H112Michael ByrneM - 74kgSUN PM