Irish PF January Open 2024 – Athlete Information


The first comp of the year IrishPF January Open being held in GSP Gym, Galway is nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your meet day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IrishPF January Open will be held in GSP Gym, Galway on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of January 2024.

Venue Address
Ballybane Beag House

Ballybane Industrial Estate

Dublin Airport,


Google Maps Link

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-InsAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeFlights
Saturday AM 7:30AM-9:00AM9:00AM9:30AM-1:30PMA,B
Saturday PM12:30PM-2:00PM2:00PM2:30PM-6:30PMC,D
Sunday AM7:30AM-9:00AM9:00AM9:30AM-1:30PME,F
Sunday PM12:30PM-2:00PM2:00PM2:30PM-6:30PMG,H


Please review the IPF’s 2022 Anti-Doping Letter.

Please also note that for athletes requiring a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) the cost associated is €100 for international lifters and €385 for non-international lifters.

If you have any queries then please contact Jayne Jones (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc.

Q: Can I change club?
A: No, not at this stage. You may remove your club but you cannot change to a new club at this point.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List

The final entry list is below. Please email IPF Competitions with any queries at this stage.

A1Claire McCannF – 52kgSAT AM
A2Miss Bianca KolcsarF – 57kgUnleash PowerliftingSAT AM
A3Ali CloonanF – 57kgCPF PowerliftingSAT AM
A4Catriona SmythF – 57kgUnleash PowerliftingSAT AM
A5Sarah DalyF – 57kgHCCSAT AM
A6Ryan DunicanM – 74kgEvolution PowerliftingSAT AM
A7Matthew SutcliffeM – 74kgSAT AM
A8Ryan LynchehaunM – 74kgSAT AM
A9Oisín BerginM – 74kgNeart Strength SystemsSAT AM
A10Daniel GraceM – 74kgRoyal Strength PowerliftingSAT AM
A11Joshua OlaM – 74kgSAT AM
A12Chris LennonM – 74kgSAT AM
A13Lennox MusaM – 74kgSAT AM
B14Daler KurbanovM – 105kgSAT AM
B15Kevin O'HaireM – 105kgStoic StrengthSAT AM
B16Alex HarveyM – 105kgSAT AM
B17Joseph PencoM – 105kgSAT AM
B18Michael DallatM – 105kgOutcast IronSAT AM
B19Mark CareyM – 105kgEvolution PowerliftingSAT AM
B20Reece TruesdaleM – 105kgUnleash PowerliftingSAT AM
B21Anthony O'HalloranM – 105kgSAT AM
B22Alfie GuihenM – 105kgSAT AM
B23Tim HigginsM – 105kgOmega PowerliftingSAT AM
B24Stephen McCollumM – 105kgOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
C25Ally MurphyF – 47kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
C26Anne StackF – 76kgVictory FitnessSAT PM
C27Jackie QuinnF – 76kgKAOS GymSAT PM
C28Milda FarrellF – 76kgKAOS GymSAT PM
C29Jenny WilsonF – 76kgUnleash PowerliftingSAT PM
C30Eimer CollierF – 76kgPhenom GymSAT PM
C31Clarice TigheF – 76kgOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
C32Emma JensenF – 76kgNeart Strength SystemsSAT PM
C33Sarah DoyleF – 76kgSAT PM
C34Niina JarvenkariF – 76kgRebellion PowerliftingSAT PM
C35Emily BarrF – 76kgUnleash PowerliftingSAT PM
C36Anna ByrneF – 84kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
D37Diarmuid O’SuilleabhainM – 93kgSAT PM
D38Gary PercivalM – 93kgVictory FitnessSAT PM
D39Aaron O'DeaM – 93kgSAT PM
D40Nathan BreslinM – 93kgSAT PM
D41Danny McNameeM – 93kgSAT PM
D42Conor ConnollyM – 93kgSAT PM
D43Vladimir ValchanovM – 93kgStrength SquadSAT PM
D44Usman ArifM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
D45Jakub ZdziechM – 93kgSAT PM
D46Dillon FarrellyM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
D47Zak SheehyM – 93kgSAT PM
D48Marius UncuM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
E49Rosemary MillarF – 63kgBST BarbellSUN AM
E50Keira LoftusF – 63kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
E51Laura ScullyF – 63kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
E52Megan WeirF – 63kgZelus PowerliftingSUN AM
E53Karen KeatingeF – 63kgKAOS GymSUN AM
E54Camille MauhayF – 63kgSUN AM
E55Claire EarleyF – 63kgSUN AM
E56Marie MonganF – 63kgSUN AM
E57Natalia GlinkaF – 63kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
E58Stephen DuffyM – 120kgOdyssey StrengthSUN AM
E59Joshua DunneM – 120kgSUN AM
E60Oliver Blades-MooreM – 120kgSUN AM
F61Jo O'DwyerF – 69kgVictory FitnessSUN AM
F62Cheryl MurphyF – 69kgVictory FitnessSUN AM
F63Eveline ComanF – 69kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
F64Cliona RyanF – 69kgSUN AM
F65Joanne MullallyF – 69kgRSC powerliftingSUN AM
F66Alisha KerrF – 69kgSUN AM
F67Ciara HillF – 69kgVictory FitnessSUN AM
F68Sandra MastersonF – 84kg+SUN AM
F69Clodagh O HaraF – 84kg+Victory FitnessSUN AM
F70Donna IvieF – 84kg+KAOS GymSUN AM
F71Cathy ShannonF – 84kg+SUN AM
F72Odhran NeesonM – 66kgNeart Strength SystemsSUN AM
G73Mark DoyleM – 83kgSUN PM
G74Jamie ConlonM – 83kgNeart Strength SystemsSUN PM
G75Roan DownesM – 83kgStoic StrengthSUN PM
G76Aaron KinsellaM – 83kgSUN PM
G77Seán KielyM – 83kgSUN PM
G78Evan DelaneyM – 83kgSUN PM
G79Darren McAvoyM – 83kgVictory FitnessSUN PM
G80Jamie CrooksM – 83kgUnleash PowerliftingSUN PM
G81Raul Suarez CasianoM – 83kgSUN PM
G82Darius ManiarM – 83kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
G83Charlie HeffernanM – 83kgSUN PM
G84Peter BurkeM – 83kgSUN PM
H85Vincent NcubeM – 59kgSUN PM
H86Suraj GhaiM – 83kgUnleash PowerliftingSUN PM
H87Nicholas LynchM – 83kgStoic StrengthSUN PM
H88Shane McGarryM – 83kgSUN PM
H89Oskar MoranskiM – 83kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
H90Dylan stapletonM – 83kgPhenom GymSUN PM
H91David LawlorM – 83kgNeart Strength SystemsSUN PM
H92Ryan BoydM – 83kgCityGym LimerickSUN PM
H93Vadim KalininM – 83kgPhenom GymSUN PM
H94David Haw TayM – 83kgSUN PM
H95Freddy BurrowsM – 83kgThe Warehouse GymSUN PM
H96Bert LynskeyM – 120kg+KAOS GymSUN PM