Junior Nationals 2024 – Athlete Information


IrishPF Junior Nationals 2024 being held in Marina Market, is nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your meet day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IrishPF Junior Nationals 2024 will be held in Marina Market on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2024.

Venue Address
Marina Market,
Centre Park Rd,
T12 YX76

Google Maps Link

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-InsAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeFlights
Saturday AM 7:30AM-9:00AM9:00AM9:30AM-1:45PMA,B
Saturday PM1:00PM-2:30PM2:30PM3:00PM-7:00PMC,D
Sunday AM7:30AM-9:00AM9:00AM9:30AM-1:45PME,F
Sunday PM1:00PM-2:30PM2:30PM3:00PM-7:00PMG,H


Please review the IPF’s 2022 Anti-Doping Letter.

Please also note that for athletes requiring a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) the cost associated is €100 for international lifters and €385 for non-international lifters.

If you have any queries then please contact Lorraine McKenna and Karina Byrne (IPF Anti-Doping Officers).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc.

Q: Can I change club?
A: No, not at this stage. You may remove your club but you cannot change to a new club at this point.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List

The final entry list is below. Please email IPF Competitions with any queries at this stage.

1AShauna DunneF - 63SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
2ANatalia GlinkaF - 63SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
3ACamille MauhayF - 63SJSAT AM
4AOlivia MykF - 69SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
5AEveline ComanF - 69SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
6AShania CottrellF - 69JMcGarry BarbellSAT AM
7ALeah KearneyF - 69JMcGarry BarbellSAT AM
8ALara StoreyF - 76JUnleash PowerliftingSAT AM
9AMillie AgnewF - 76JOmega PowerliftingSAT AM
10ASarah DoyleF - 76JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
11ALilian KuriaF - 76JOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
12AAisling RocheF - 76JFITT PowerliftingSAT AM
13BDillon FarrellyM - 93JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
14BKerry AgabiM - 93JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
15BUsman ArifM - 93JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
16BMarcus O’HaganM - 93JQuartz Strength SystemsSAT AM
17BAlex ElliottM - 93JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT AM
18BEmils JekabsonsM - 93JOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
19BSean AspellM - 93JKAOS GymSAT AM
20BAlfie JohnsonM - 93JOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
21BMichael RanaghanM - 93JOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
22BAaron O'DeaM - 93JSAT AM
23BOisín Blaney-ShorteM - 93JOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
24BThomas McCarthyM - 93JOdyssey StrengthSAT AM
25BDiarmuid O’SuilleabhainM - 93JSAT AM
26CAlly MurphyF - 47SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
27CSíofra HarkinF - 52JQUBSAT PM
28CSarah McCormackF - 52JUrban BarbellSAT PM
29CHannah MaguireF - 63JRyu StrengthSAT PM
30CKeira LoftusF - 63JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
31CAngelica De SestoF - 63JOmega PowerliftingSAT PM
32CElizabeth McCartneyF - 63JOmega PowerliftingSAT PM
33CLaoise QuinnF - 63JCityGym LimerickSAT PM
34CAine O'NeillF - 63JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
35CLan GaffneyF - 63JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
36CMegan WeirF - 63JZelus PowerliftingSAT PM
37DVincent NcubeM - 59JUnleash PowerliftingSAT PM
38DMax LeeM - 66SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
39DJames MoanM - 66JOmega PowerliftingSAT PM
40DJoseph AkisanmiM - 66JRyu StrengthSAT PM
41DEamonn BreenM - 105SJCityGym LimerickSAT PM
42DFionn WhartonM - 105SJPhenom GymSAT PM
43DSean Matteo AmisanoM - 105JPhenom GymSAT PM
44DZak SheehyM - 105JSAT PM
45DEdwin HoteaM - 105JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
46DDenis SemenovM - 105JCityGym LimerickSAT PM
47DAndrew RoeM - 105JOdyssey StrengthSAT PM
48DDustin De PerioM - 105JA.B.S. PowerliftingSAT PM
49EDylan StapletonM - 83SJPhenom GymSUN AM
50ERoan DownesM - 83SJStoic StrengthSUN AM
51EAaron KinsellaM - 83SJSUN AM
52EEuan HarrisonM - 83SJPhenom GymSUN AM
53EDavid LawlorM - 83SJNeart Strength SystemsSUN AM
54ECharlie HeffernanM - 83SJSUN AM
55EHugh RocheM - 83SJSUN AM
56EEvan DelaneyM - 83SJNomad PowerliftingSUN AM
57ERonan DunwellM - 93SJPhenom GymSUN AM
58ETimur UdaltsovM - 93SJPhenom GymSUN AM
59EDanny McNameeM - 93SJSUN AM
60EOskar MoranskiM - 93SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
61EJosh HolmesM - 93SJSUN AM
62FJoshua OlaM - 74JA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
63FJosiah KennyM - 74JA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
64FMichael ByrneM - 74JPhenom GymSUN AM
65FDaniel NeillM - 74JUnleash PowerliftingSUN AM
66FBrandon PattersonM - 74JEvolution Strength SystemsSUN AM
67FAndrew YuM - 74JA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN AM
68FConor RossiterM - 74JSUN AM
69FMapalo MwenyaM - 74JNeart Strength SystemsSUN AM
70FOisin BerginM - 74JNeart Strength SystemsSUN AM
71FJack McQuillanM - 74JOmega PowerliftingSUN AM
72FEoin ShanahanM - 74JPhenom GymSUN PM
73FRay ScannellM - 74JCityGym LimerickSUN PM
74FRyan LynchehaunM - 74JNori PowerliftingSUN PM
75GLystus EboseleF - 84+JNori PowerliftingSUN PM
76GEmma JensenF - 84JNeart Strength SystemsSUN PM
77GAnna ByrneF - 84SJA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
78GAisling Doherty-MadrigalF - 84JOdyssey StrengthSUN PM
79GDaler KurbanovM - 120SJNomad PowerliftingSUN PM
80GAjay MulhernM - 120SJToptier DerrySUN PM
81GCillian RooneyM - 120JA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
82GJamie MurphyM - 120JA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
83GJosh McMullinM - 120JOmega PowerliftingSUN PM
84GAndrew BlackwoodM - 120JEvo PowerliftingSUN PM
85GBrandon NeilM - 120+JPhenom GymSUN PM
86HJoey WoodwardM - 74SJPhenom GymSUN PM
87HConor MurphyM - 74SJOdyssey StrengthSUN PM
88HDaniel GraceM - 74SJRoyal Strength PowerliftingSUN PM
89HShane McGarryM - 83JMcGarry BarbellSUN PM
90HDaniel FordeM - 83JSUN PM
91HSeán BeattyM - 83JA.B.S. PowerliftingSUN PM
92HCathal DoranM - 83JOdyssey StrengthSUN PM
93HCian LynchM - 83JCityGym LimerickSUN PM
94HCalum O’MahonyM - 83JOdyssey StrengthSUN PM
95HAdam DuaneM - 83JPhenom GymSUN PM
96HLiam MaloneM - 83JZelus PowerliftingSUN PM
97HDavid Haw TayM - 83JROMSUN PM