Junior Nationals 2023 – Athlete Information


IrishPF Junior Nationals 2023 being held in A.B.S Powerlifting, is nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your meet day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IrishPF Junior Nationals 2023 will be held in A.B.S. Powerlifting on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th April 2023.

Venue Address
Jamestown Business Park,
D11 V06A

Google Maps Link

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-InsAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeFlights
Saturday AM 7:00AM-8:30AM8:30AM9:00AM-1:30PMA,B
Saturday PM12:30PM-2:00PM2:00PM2:30PM-7:00PMC,D
Sunday AM7:00AM-8:30AM8:30AM9:00AM-1:30PME,F
Sunday PM12:30PM-2:00PM2:00PM2:30PM-7:00PMG,H


Please review the IPF’s 2022 Anti-Doping Letter.

Please also note that for athletes requiring a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) the cost associated is €100 for international lifters and €385 for non-international lifters.

If you have any queries then please contact Lorraine McKenna and Karina Byrne (IPF Anti-Doping Officers).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc.

Q: Can I change club?
A: No, not at this stage. You may remove your club but you cannot change to a new club at this point.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List

The final entry list is below. Please email IPF Competitions with any queries at this stage.

A1Caoimhe YoungF – 84kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
A2Lisa BadakinF – 84kgBestBody PowerliftingSat AM
A3Eimer CollierF – 84kgPhenom GymSat AM
A4Aisling Doherty-MadrigalF – 84kgOdyssey StrengthSat AM
A5Anaya LeoF – 84kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
A6Talor AiyegbeniF – 84kg+A.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
A7Emily AzzaliF – 84kg+KAOS GymSat AM
A8Alex McDonaldM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
A9Emils JekabsonsM – 93kgSat AM
A10Kane MorrowM – 93kgOmega PowerliftingSat AM
A11Tadhg O'CorrainM – 93kgPhenom GymSat AM
A12Sean OkaforM – 93kgOdyssey StrengthSat AM
A13Chinonso EzeM – 93kgPhenom GymSat AM
A14Liam BurkeM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
B15Sean AspellM – 93kgKAOS GymSat AM
B16Luke KellyM – 93kgO Flaherty FitnessSat AM
B17Cormac DaggM – 93kgOdyssey StrengthSat AM
B18Edwin HoteaM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
B19Marius UncuM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
B20Conor DuffyM – 93kgCG FitnessSat AM
B21Dillon FarrellyM – 93kgSat AM
B22James MurphyM – 93kgPhenom GymSat AM
B23Abdullah Al-SehaimM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
B24Daniel PascaniucM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
B25Jake Logan CondonM – 93kgOdyssey StrengthSat AM
B26Jonathan ForsytheM – 93kgSat AM
B27Sam BarlowM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
B28Ion CalmicM – 93kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat AM
C29Lan GaffneyF – 57kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
C30Laoise QuinnF – 57kgCityGym LimerickSat PM
C31Danielle HendleyF – 57kgPhenom GymSat PM
C32Olivia MykF – 69kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
C33Jordan BrightF – 69kgMaxOut PowerliftingSat PM
C34Shania Jones CottrellF – 69kgMcGarry BarbellSat PM
C35Leah KearneyF – 69kgMcGarry BarbellSat PM
C36Shauna BoyleF – 69kgOmega PowerliftingSat PM
C37Caoimhe BaneF – 69kgPhenom GymSat PM
C38Siobhan MulcahyF – 69kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
C39Kyron O DonnellM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
C40Stanley BolgerM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
C41Tadhg LynchM – 105kgSat PM
C42Philipp PrambergerM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
D43Liam McManusM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
D44Barry WalshM – 105kgNeart Strength SystemsSat PM
D45Andrew RoeM – 105kgOdyssey StrengthSat PM
D46Rodrigues MikamibuaM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
D47Jamie MurphyM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
D48Conor CliffordM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
D49Eamonn BreenM – 105kgCityGym LimerickSat PM
D50Fionn WhartonM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
D51Ethan McLaughlinM – 105kgCityGym LimerickSat PM
D52Sean Matteo AmisanoM – 105kgPhenom GymSat PM
D53Rory HarmanM – 105kgMaxOut PowerliftingSat PM
D54Dustin de perioM – 105kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
D55Nicholas MizilinM – 120kg+Phenom GymSat PM
D56Jamie FitzgeraldM – 120kg+A.B.S. PowerliftingSat PM
E57Fina DoyleF – 52kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
E58Sarah McCormackF – 52kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
E59Aisling RocheF – 76kgFITT PowerliftingSun AM
E60Sofia KlemolaF – 76kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
E61Catriona ConnollyF – 76kgCityGym LimerickSun AM
E62Naomi HannonF – 76kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
E63Caoimhe MasseyF – 76kgOdyssey StrengthSun AM
E64Omotola IloriF – 76kgSun AM
E65Emily BarrF – 76kgUnleash PowerliftingSun AM
E66Ava FoleyF – 76kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
E67Isobel PettitF – 76kgRSC PowerliftingSun AM
E68Ryan LynchehaunM – 66kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
E69Luke KeelyM – 66kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
E70Michael O DonnellM – 66kgPeak Performance AcademySun AM
F71Hamza BanaM – 66kgOdyssey StrengthSun AM
F72Cathal Mc GlynnM – 66kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
F73James MoanM – 66kgOmega PowerliftingSun AM
F74Josiah KennyM – 66kgSun AM
F75Joseph AkisanmiM – 66kgApex Strength and ConditioningSun AM
F76Joseph MuldoonM – 66kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
F77Oran DennehyM – 74kgPhenom GymSun AM
F78Jamie ConlonM – 74kgNeart Strength SystemsSun AM
F79Christopher LyonsM – 74kgNeart Strength SystemsSun AM
F80Ryan CaffreyM – 74kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun AM
F81Daniel DolanM – 74kgBestBody PowerliftingSun AM
F82Adam DuaneM – 74kgPhenom GymSun AM
F83Cian LynchM – 74kgCityGym LimerickSun AM
F84Sean BeattyM – 74kgThe Gym NewbridgeSun AM
G85Aine O'NeillF – 63kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun PM
G86Apolonia DerewianykF – 63kgSun PM
G87Amy McKeoghF – 63kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun PM
G88Ellen O'LearyF – 63kgSun PM
G89Jody StevensF – 63kgRe:FormSun PM
G90Mark RedmondM – 59kgCityGym LimerickSun PM
G91Oskar MoranskiM – 83kgSun PM
G92Rafal CicheckiM – 83kgKenmare Bay Leisure and Health ClubSun PM
G93Fionn DarganM – 83kgOPTY PerformanceSun PM
G94Ultan CasserlyM – 83kgSun PM
G95Adam McMahonM – 83kgCityGym LimerickSun PM
G96Oran CahalaneM – 83kgCG FitnessSun PM
G97Damian DykasM – 83kgNeart Strength SystemsSun PM
G98Dominic MasaM – 83kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun PM
H99Declan HeaveyM – 83kgVerve Gym DunboyneSun PM
H100Patrick LyonsM – 83kgMaxOut PowerliftingSun PM
H101Alex ElliottM – 83kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun PM
H102Adam McAlpineM – 83kgVICI StrengthSun PM
H103Calum O’MahonyM – 83kgOdyssey StrengthSun PM
H104Liam maloneM – 83kgCityGym LimerickSun PM
H105Lawrence HaleM – 83kgUnleash PowerliftingSun PM
H106Conor KiernanM – 120kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun PM
H107Evan MooreM – 120kgCityGym LimerickSun PM
H108Kane Kavanagh-BaerM – 120kgOdyssey StrengthSun PM
H109Andrew BlackwoodM – 120kgFlexx Training SystemsSun PM
H110Andrew RyanM – 120kgOdyssey StrengthSun PM
H111Cillian RooneyM – 120kgA.B.S. PowerliftingSun PM
H112Nathan NevilleM – 120kgOmega PowerliftingSun PM