Jury Rules

● At National Championships, a Jury will be appointed to preside over each lifting
● The Jury shall consist of three Category 1, Category 2 or National referees. The
most senior member of the three shall be designated President of the Jury.
● The function of the Jury is to ensure that the technical rules are correctly applied.
● During the competition the Jury may, by a majority vote, replace any referee
whose decisions, in its opinion, prove him to be incompetent. The referee
concerned must have received a warning prior to any action of dismissal.
● The impartiality of referees cannot be doubted, but a mistake in refereeing can
be committed in good faith. In such a case, the referee shall be allowed to give
his explanation for making the decision which is the subject of his/her warning.
● If a protest is made to the Jury against a referee, then the referee may be
informed of the protest. The Jury should not put unnecessary stress on platform
● If a serious mistake occurs in the refereeing which is contrary to the technical
rules, the Jury may take appropriate action to correct the mistake. They may, at
their discretion, grant the lifter a further attempt.
● Only in extreme circumstances when there has been an obvious or blatant
mistake in the refereeing will the Jury in consultation with the referees, by
unanimous jury vote may reverse the decision. Only 2 to 1 referees’ decisions
can be considered by the Jury. The replay of the lift can be observed from the
Official camera crew to make a decision.
● All appeals against referee’s decisions, complaints regarding the progress of the
competition or against the behavior of any person or persons taking part in the
competition must be made to the Jury. The Jury may require the appeal to be
made in writing.
● The appeal or complaint must be lodged with the President of the Jury by the
team manager, coach or in his/her absence, by the lifter. This must be done
immediately following the action upon which the appeal or complaint is based. It
will not be considered unless these terms are met.
● If deemed necessary, the Jury may temporarily suspend the progress of the
competition to consider its verdict. After due consideration and upon reaching a
unanimous verdict, the Jury will return and the Chairman will inform the
complainant of its decision.
● The Jury’s verdict will be considered final and there will be no right of appeal to
any other body.
● Upon recommencement of the competition which has been suspended, the next
lifter shall be given three minutes in which to commence his lift.

● In the event of a complaint being made against a lifting member or official of an
opposing team, the written complaint shall be accompanied by the cash sum of
€25. Should the Jury in its verdict consider that the complaint is of a frivolous or
mischievous nature, then the sum may be retained and donated to the IrishPF at
the discretion of the Jury
● The members of the Jury will be positioned to ensure an unimpeded view of the
● Before each competition, the President of the Jury must satisfy him/herself that
the members of the Jury have a complete knowledge of their role and any new
regulations that amend or supplement those contained in the current edition of
the handbook
● If music accompanies the lifting, the Jury will determine the volume.