Our Committee members, officials, referees, volunteers, guests, coaches, and lifters are all bound by the IPF Code of Ethics when fulfilling their designated functions.


  • whilst attending any IrishPF, NIPF, EPF, or IPF competition regardless of whether they are participating or not
  • whilst attending any IrishPF, NIPF, EPF, or IPF official function such as an AGM, EGM, sanctioned training event, etc.
  • whilst interacting with the IrishPF or representing the IrishPF (for Committee members) in any venue covered by our Communications Policy

We recognise that our primary responsibility is to be a sporting body and deliver a competitive, safe, and enjoyable environment for our lifters.

We also recognise that our members come from diverse backgrounds, representing all parts of our community, and may differ in ideological or moral views on many subjects.

We do not believe it is our place to police these views, or attempt to restrict or moderate them, and we welcome people from all walks of life to be part of our Federation and our sport.

When engaging with the Irish Powerlifting Federation at competitions or on our official online platforms, we ask people to put the sport of powerlifting first and leave our differences at the door or at the keyboard.