All Irish Powerlifting Federation Official Communications are governed by our Code of Ethics.

The Irish Powerlifting Federation’s Official Communications are limited to the following outlets:

  • Facebook: Any posts or comments by IrishPF Committee Members (who are identified as Admins or Moderators) or the IrishPF Account in the IrishPF Discussion Group
  • Facebook: Any messages, posts, or comments by or from the IrishPF Committee Members or the IrishPF Account on the Irish Powerlifting Federation Facebook Page
  • Instagram: Any messages, posts, or comments by or from the “@irishpowerliftingfederation” account
  • Twitter: Any tweets, retweets, likes, or messages by or from the “@irishpowerfed” account
  • Email: Any email received from an account ending in “”
  • Website: Any content on the website

Committee Members

As all of our Committee members are unpaid volunteers, the Irish Powerlifting Federation does not feel morally or ethically empowered to take responsibility for the posts by our Committee members, or lifters, on their personal or business pages, accounts, or online presence.


All members, officials, referees, volunteers, guests, coaches, and lifters will abide by our Code of Ethics when participating in an official Irish Powerlifting Federation competition, function, or online presence or event as specified in the Code of Ethics.