Updated: 8th December 2017.

The final entry list for the Irish Powerlifting Federation’s December Last Chance 2017 is now available.

Please see the Athlete Information page for further details of flight times, tickets, etc.

Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

LifterClubMembershipWeight ClassFlightSessionLot
Erica Gaffney-00047F – 47kgASunday AM5
Aoife Williams-00934F – 57kgASunday AM1
Emily WalshAthlone Powerlifting Club00716F – 57kgASunday AM2
Karen KeatingeDublin Strength & Conditioning00343F – 57kgASunday AM3
Lota LeinbergaIntegral Drogheda00618F – 57kgASunday AM4
Sarah Flynn-00232F – 57kgASunday AM6
Martina HanniffyAthlone Powerlifting Club00569F – 57kgASunday AM7
Sinead McCarthy-00936F – 57kgASunday AM8
Gemma DaveyStorm Body Fitness00313F – 57kgASunday AM9
April DardisAthlone Powerlifting Club00600F – 57kgASunday AM10
Alice DarcyStudio One00798F – 63kgBSunday AM12
Emma KeyesStudio One00546F – 63kgBSunday AM13
Carol LennonAthlone Powerlifting Club00562F – 63kgBSunday AM14
Jean MeehanFlyeFit Ranelagh00558F – 63kgBSunday AM15
Catriona FitzpatrickPearson Fitness & Performance00796F – 63kgBSunday AM17
Yvonne KinahanPearson Fitness & Performance00801F – 63kgBSunday AM19
Zita Maria McCabeAthlone Powerlifting Club00929F – 63kgBSunday AM20
Ava HorriganCityGym Limerick00175F – 63kgBSunday AM21
Freya HammerUCC Powerlifting Club00581F – 84kgBSunday AM11
Marie McManus-00933F – 84kgBSunday AM16
Emma KielyBody Health & Fitness00194F – 84kgBSunday AM18
Abhineet Asthana-REQUIREDF – 84kgBSunday AM22
Jenna McDonaghStorm Body Fitness00734F – 84kgBSunday AM26
Eleanor McShortallPower Building Dublin00132F – 72kgCSunday AM23
Samara Vaz-REQUIREDF – 72kgCSunday AM24
Joanne GibbonsAthlone Powerlifting Club00554F – 72kgCSunday AM25
Joanne GreeneAthlone Powerlifting Club00319F – 72kgCSunday AM27
Jessica HenebryTwomey Strength & Conditioning00617F – 72kgCSunday AM28
Karen Barry-00245F – 72kgCSunday AM30
Bronagh McPeakeStrength Militia00121F – 72kgCSunday AM31
Paulina PawlakTwomey Strength & Conditioning00784F – 72kgCSunday AM33
Yvonne OsanSouth East Powerlifters00266F – 84kg+CSunday AM29
Dermot O'RourkeAthlone Powerlifting Club00088M – 59kgDSunday PM2
Mohaned Abujennah-00723M – 66kgDSunday PM4
Kevin CroughanAthlone Powerlifting Club00178M – 74kgDSunday PM1
Jack Brady-00403M – 74kgDSunday PM5
Lukasz Kalinski-00616M – 74kgDSunday PM6
Thomas DonoghueAthlone Powerlifting Club00559M – 74kgDSunday PM7
Danny LennonCityGym Limerick00033M – 74kgDSunday PM8
John Donovan-00046M – 74kgDSunday PM9
Trevor WalsheAthlone Powerlifting Club00736M – 83kgDSunday PM10
Gavin Butler-00786M – 83kgDSunday PM12
Keith Grainger-00806M – 83kgDSunday PM18
Neil ColferTwomey Strength & Conditioning00789M – 83kgDSunday PM20
Michael CorcoranViking Barbell00884M – 93kgESunday PM11
Darren Friel-00767M – 93kgESunday PM13
Michael Moran-00785M – 93kgESunday PM14
Nigel PearsonPearson Fitness & Performance00131M – 93kgESunday PM15
Michael GraceCityGym Limerick00253M – 93kgESunday PM16
Pierre Shillingford-GUESTM – 93kgESunday PM21
Sean BrennanPearson Fitness & Performance00724M – 105kgESunday PM22
Jack ThorntonCityGym Limerick00425M – 105kgESunday PM24
Anatol Skiba-00430M – 105kgESunday PM25
Ian BensonStudio One00548M – 105kgESunday PM26
Graham NortonDublin Strength & Conditioning00315M – 105kgESunday PM29
Simon StandbridgeThe Shed00066M – 105kgESunday PM30
Barry Pigott-00236M – 105kgESunday PM31
David TwomeyTwomey Strength & Conditioning00228M – 105kgESunday PM32
Marc Keys-00931M – 120kgDSunday PM23
Jozef MurarikTwomey Strength & Conditioning00783M – 120kgDSunday PM28
Sean CuddyTwomey Strength & Conditioning00935M – 120kg+ESunday PM27
Michael WhelanTwomey Strength & Conditioning00735M – 120kg+ESunday PM33