IrishPF CityGym Open 2021 – Athlete Information


The IrishPF September Open 2021 being held in CityGym Limerick is nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your meet day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IrishPF CityGym Open 2021 will be held in CityGym Limerick on Saturday 25th September 2021.

Venue Address
17 Sexton St,
V94 N5NH12

Google Maps Link

Session & Flight Details

SessionWeigh-insAthlete's BriefingLifting TimeFlights
Saturday Morning08:30 AM - 10:00 AM10:00 AM10:30 AM - 14:00 PMA, B
Saturday Afternoon12:30 PM - 14:00 PM14:00 PM14:30 PM - 18:00 PMC, D


Please review the IPF’s 2017 Anti-Doping Letter. If you have any queries then please contact Dr. Tara Conlon (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc. If you miss weight on the day, you cannot compete as there are no guest slots at National Championships.

Q: Can I change club?
A: No, not at this stage. You may remove your club but you cannot change to a new club at this point.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List

The final entry list is below. Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

Lot #LifterClassClubMembershipFlightSession
1Rob LynchM -83kgCityGym LimerickASat Morning
2Adam lloydM -83kgOdyssey StrengthASat Morning
3James BuckleyM -83kgCityGym LimerickASat Morning
4Adam JoyM -83kgKAOS Gym1522ASat Morning
5Mark CosgroveM -83kgRTB PowerliftingASat Morning
6Daragh O'BrienM -83kg-1409ASat Morning
7Keith FanningM -83kgAPC1745ASat Morning
8Mark AustinM -83kg-ASat Morning
9Luke FitzgeraldM -83kgEQ Strength & Conditioning1571ASat Morning
10Brian LynchM -83kgStrength Militia1150ASat Morning
11Mark HayesM -83kgEQ Strength & ConditioningASat Morning
12Brendan FoodyM -66kg-ASat Morning
13Scott DeanM -105kgKAOS GymBSat Morning
14Kenneth NwaezeigweM -105kgOdyssey Strength218BSat Morning
15Thomas MckennaM -93kgStrength Militia1867BSat Morning
16John MaherM -93kg-BSat Morning
17Jonathan AkaghaM -93kgCityGym LimerickBSat Morning
18Toby ClarkeM -93kgStrength MilitiaBSat Morning
19Steven McGuireM -93kgSayers StrengthBSat Morning
20Adam CarrollM -105kgKAOS GymBSat Morning
21Jack BrowneM -105kg-316BSat Morning
22Gavin ButlerM -93kgCityGym Limerick786BSat Morning
23Dumitru VizitiuM -93kgCityGym LimerickBSat Morning
24Katie CoppingerF -57kgOdyssey Strength1587CSat Afternoon
25Geina McGrathF -63kgRTB Powerlifting775CSat Afternoon
26Meave LindnerF -57kg-CSat Afternoon
27Karla O'BoyleF -69kgStrength MilitiaCSat Afternoon
28Laura ChaplinF -69kgCityGym Limerick1821CSat Afternoon
29Sunita RajaF -57kgStrength MilitiaCSat Afternoon
30Sandra EvansF -63kg-1684CSat Afternoon
31Jenny WilsonF -57kgStrength MilitiaCSat Afternoon
32Juliet SweeneyF -63kgKAOS Gym1824CSat Afternoon
33Amy DicksonF -57kgStrength MilitiaCSat Afternoon
34Shauna MurphyF -57kg-1866CSat Afternoon
35Elaine BolandF -69kgCityGym Limerick1880CSat Afternoon
36Jonathan fergusonM -74kgStrength MilitiaDSat Afternoon
37Teanna WattsF 84kg+Strength MilitiaDSat Afternoon
38Orla McGurkF -76kgStrength MilitiaDSat Afternoon
39Patryk WoleniukM -74kgAPCDSat Afternoon
40Tracey QuirkeF -76kgStrength MilitiaDSat Afternoon
41Shaun FogartyM -74kgCityGym LimerickDSat Afternoon
42Daniel LennonM -74kgCityGym Limerick33DSat Afternoon
43Barra DohertyM -74kg-DSat Afternoon
44Grace TedfordF -76kgSayers Strength1245DSat Afternoon
45Kiva OatesF 84kg+RTB PowerliftingDSat Afternoon
46Kate BradyF -76kg-DSat Afternoon
47Matthew OglesbyM -74kg-DSat Afternoon