IrishPF University Championships 2020 Athlete Information


The IrishPF University Championships 2020 are nearly here! Athletes – please read this page carefully as it contains essential information for your competition day. Please consult the Entry List below for details of your specific flight.

Days and Location

The IrishPF University Championships 2020 will be held in A.B.S Powerlifting on Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th March 2020.

Venue Address
Unit 5
Tolka Industrial Park
Ballyboggan Road
Dublin 11
Google Maps Link

Session & Flight Details

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Please review the IPF’s 2017 Anti-Doping Letter. If you have any queries then please contact Dr. Tara Conlon (IPF Anti-Doping Officer).

What Flight Am I In?

Please consult the Entry List below for details of your flight.


Q: Can I change weight class?
A: No, not at this stage. Weight class changes are not accepted once the deadline for entry forms passes (three weeks out). This is to allow us to organise flights, etc. If you miss weight on the day, you cannot compete as there are no guest slots at National Championships.

Q: Can I change club?
A: No, not at this stage. You may remove your club but you cannot change to a new club at this point.

Q: Can I change my openers?
A: Yes. You will be asked for your openers at weigh-in on the morning of the competition. You can change them once more for each lift until three minutes / three attempts prior to the start of your flight in that lift.

Entry List

The final entry list is below. Please email IPF Championships with any queries at this stage. Please do not send queries via Messenger or WhatsApp as they will absolutely be forgotten.

LifterClassClubMembership #FlightSession
Adam LoughnaneM – 83kgUniversity College Cork587ASat Morning
Cian FuscoM – 83kgNUI Galway1798ASat Morning
Ciaran O'ConnorM – 83kgUniversity College Cork1740ASat Morning
Cillian DuffyM – 83kgDublin City University1177ASat Morning
Cillian SmithM – 83kgTrinity College Dublin1689ASat Morning
Conor BryceM – 83kgTrinity College Dublin1345ASat Morning
Cormac DaggM – 83kgDublin City University1658ASat Morning
Daniel TwomeyM – 83kgUniversity College Cork1548ASat Morning
David HalpinM – 83kgDublin City University1693ASat Morning
David McDonaghM – 83kgRoyal College of Surgeons Ireland1770ASat Morning
Elijah FaletiM – 83kgDublin City University1519ASat Morning
Garrett MyhalM – 83kgTrinity College Dublin1333ASat Morning
Jake FitzgeraldM – 83kgI.T. Carlow1709ASat Morning
John IonM – 83kgTBC1939ASat Morning
Johnson EwulonuM – 83kgI.T. Carlow1727ASat Morning
Jonathan ButlerM – 83kgDublin City University1669ASat Morning
Kevin FunduM – 83kgTechnological University Dublin1758BSat Morning
Kevin QuinnM – 83kgI.T. Carlow1730BSat Morning
Liam McCannM – 83kgI.T. Carlow1535BSat Morning
Lucas LooM – 83kgTrinity College Dublin1332BSat Morning
Luke KiernanM – 83kgTBC1720BSat Morning
Michael MoranM – 83kgTrinity College Dublin785BSat Morning
Mikey O’ReillyM – 83kgDublin City University1716BSat Morning
Misha TuohyM – 83kgNUI Maynooth1701BSat Morning
Niall QuinnM – 83kgNUI Maynooth1656BSat Morning
Robert OakleyM – 83kgI.T. Carlow1732BSat Morning
Ryan FurlongM – 83kgI.T. Carlow1726BSat Morning
Sam AdekunleM – 83kgNUI MaynoothQUERYBSat Morning
Tom LynchM – 83kgDublin City University1415BSat Morning
Tom VeipsM – 83kgTBC1721BSat Morning
Vitalijs BoronenkoM – 83kgTBC1220BSat Morning
Abigail RoeF – 72kgTrinity College Dublin1657CSat Afternoon
Aisling Doherty-MadrigalF – 72kgTrinity College Dublin1686CSat Afternoon
Ally NieuwesteegF – 72kgTBC1796CSat Afternoon
Ciara HaltonF – 72kgTrinity College Dublin1683CSat Afternoon
Clarice TigheF – 72kgTBC965CSat Afternoon
Ellen ClancyF – 72kgUniversity College Cork1777CSat Afternoon
Jen harringtonF – 72kgUniversity College Cork1015CSat Afternoon
Maggie NolanF – 72kgUniversity College Cork1767CSat Afternoon
Méabh NugentF – 72kgTBC1542CSat Afternoon
Minja MacLennanF – 72kgI.T. Carlow1711CSat Afternoon
Aoife O'NeillF - GuestI.T. Carlow1738CSat Afternoon
Fionnuala LyonsF – 84kgTrinity College Dublin1389CSat Afternoon
Léa MullerF – 84kgTrinity College Dublin1734CSat Afternoon
Leigh PorterF – 84kgDublin City University1161CSat Afternoon
Evelyn KeaneF – 47kgI.T. Carlow1710DSat Afternoon
Áine LaneF – 52kgUniversity College Cork1765DSat Afternoon
Charis KennaF – 52kgTrinity College Dublin1526DSat Afternoon
Katie DalyF – 52kgI.T. Carlow1536DSat Afternoon
Laura BryantF – 52kgTrinity College Dublin1797DSat Afternoon
Lauren MullaneF – 52kgUniversity of Limerick1652DSat Afternoon
Pilar ColomaF – 52kgTrinity College Dublin1791DSat Afternoon
Shannon BurkeF – 52kgTrinity College Dublin1247DSat Afternoon
Aideen FoxF – 57kgUniversity College Cork1761DSat Afternoon
Ava FoleyF – 57kgTechnological University Dublin1756DSat Afternoon
Claire LimF – 57kgTrinity College Dublin1349DSat Afternoon
Isabel BrownF – 57kgTrinity College Dublin568DSat Afternoon
Lynda DalyF – 57kgTBC1630DSat Afternoon
Meave LindnerF – 57kgTBC1736DSat Afternoon
Cormac Mac GroryM – 105kgTrinity College Dublin1371ESat Evening
Dami FashorantiM – 105kgUniversity College Cork1545ESat Evening
David HorganM – 105kgUniversity College Cork718ESat Evening
Domhnall O'MaonaighM – 105kgTrinity College Dublin1802ESat Evening
Eoin TurnerM – 105kgTBC1646ESat Evening
Jack DonnellyM – 105kgTBC1359ESat Evening
Jack RenaghanM – 105kgTechnological University Dublin1749ESat Evening
James NugentM – 105kgTBC1698ESat Evening
Kane Kavanagh BaerM – 105kgTrinity College Dublin1799ESat Evening
Kilian KirschM – 105kgTrinity College Dublin715ESat Evening
Nigel QuinnM – 105kgNUI Maynooth1784ESat Evening
Samuel OrekoyaM – 105kgI.T. Carlow1723ESat Evening
Catriona ConnollyF – 63kgUniversity College Dublin1020FSat Evening
Jayne JonesF – 63kgTrinity College Dublin1679FSat Evening
Laura HartyF – 63kgUniversity College Cork1768FSat Evening
Laura JabbourF – 63kgRoyal College of Surgeons Ireland1739FSat Evening
Lucia HughesF – 63kgTrinity College Dublin1609FSat Evening
Megan ReaF – 63kgTBC1939FSat Evening
Reagan GrayF – 63kgUniversity College Cork1781FSat Evening
Cahir McGroryM – 66kgI.T. Sligo1502FSat Evening
Daniel O’ShaughnessyM – 66kgUniversity College Cork1348FSat Evening
Matthew ButlerM – 66kgTrinity College Dublin1700FSat Evening
Mo AbujennahM – 66kgTBC725FSat Evening
Philip O'KellyM – 66kgDublin City University1170FSat Evening
Phillip (Tse Chiang) ChenM – 66kgTrinity College DublinQUERYFSat Evening
Rian McKeeverM – 66kgDublin City University1649FSat Evening
Adam LaffertyM – 93kgRoyal College of Surgeons Ireland1547GSun Morning
Arthur OdlumM – 93kgTrinity College DublinQUERYGSun Morning
Bernard BoyleM – 93kgDublin City University1752GSun Morning
Caolan WallM – 93kgTrinity College Dublin1147GSun Morning
Cathal McLoughlinM – 93kgUniversity College Dublin1009GSun Morning
Colin EustaceM – 93kgUniversity College Cork392GSun Morning
Conor CampbellM – 93kgDublin City University157GSun Morning
Daniel HickeyM – 93kgUniversity College Dublin1568GSun Morning
Eoin RyanM – 93kgUniversity College Cork1742GSun Morning
Ian SpillaneM – 93kgTrinity College Dublin1712GSun Morning
John Christopher FerryM – 93kgNUI MaynoothQUERYGSun Morning
Jordan VossM – 93kgDublin City University1416GSun Morning
Kenneth NwaezeigweM – 93kgUniversity College Cork218GSun Morning
Lee TierneyM – 93kgNUI Maynooth1685GSun Morning
Liam McManusM – 93kgTrinity College Dublin1249GSun Morning
Liam O' BrienM – 93kgNUI MaynoothQUERYHSun Morning
Martynas LukoseviciusM – 93kgTBC1778HSun Morning
N. CAMPBELLM – 93kgTBC1304HSun Morning
Padraig O'CallaghanM – 93kgUniversity College Cork1748HSun Morning
Patrick SullivanM – 93kgTBC1503HSun Morning
Rodrigues MikamibuaM – 93kgTechnological University Dublin1755HSun Morning
Ryan McCannM – 93kgTrinity College Dublin1691HSun Morning
Scott PerryM – 93kgDublin City University1172HSun Morning
Sean CreminM – 93kgUniversity College Cork1741HSun Morning
Stephen ByrneM – 93kgTrinity College DublinQUERYHSun Morning
Steven KennyM – 93kgTechnological University Dublin1786HSun Morning
Thomas O DowdM – 93kgDublin City University1412HSun Morning
Tim HigginsM – 93kgQueen's University BelfastGB2011747HSun Morning
Zach RyanM – 93kgNUI MaynoothQUERYHSun Morning
John FurlongM – 74kgUniversity College Cork1775ISun Afternoon
Aaron HutchinsonM – 74kgUniversity College Cork1757ISun Afternoon
Abdullah Al-SehaimM – 74kgDublin City University1420ISun Afternoon
Adam McEllistrimM – 74kgUniversity College Cork1544ISun Afternoon
Adrian TeyM – 74kgTrinity College Dublin1336ISun Afternoon
Brendan FoodyM – 74kgTBC1718ISun Afternoon
Cian HoranM – 74kgI.T. Carlow1725ISun Afternoon
Dammy Deyemi-maboM – 74kgTBC1724ISun Afternoon
Eoin ShanahanM – 74kgUniversity College Cork1766ISun Afternoon
Jack RyanM – 74kgDublin City University95ISun Afternoon
James GraceM – 74kgUniversity College CorkQUERYISun Afternoon
Krisztian BaloghM – 74kgTBC1744ISun Afternoon
Lawrence MorrisM – 74kgTrinity College Dublin1702ISun Afternoon
Lee MurphyM – 74kgTBC1397ISun Afternoon
Tanzeeb IqbalM – 59kgTrinity College Dublin1678JSun Afternoon
Liang ChenM – 74kgUniversity College Cork1703JSun Afternoon
Michael BurkeM – 74kgNUI Galway1406JSun Afternoon
Rory TobinM – 74kgTBC1747JSun Afternoon
Sean BlongM – 74kgDublin City University1414JSun Afternoon
Daire McDonaghM – 120kgUniversity College CorkQUERYJSun Afternoon
Isaiah IsijolaM – 120kgTrinity College Dublin1560JSun Afternoon
Michael SheerinM – 120kgI.T. Carlow1774JSun Afternoon
Conor KiernanM – 120kg+Dublin City University1616JSun Afternoon
Eamonn BarryM – 120kg+University College Cork1785JSun Afternoon
James McCarthyM – 120kg+University of Limerick1751JSun Afternoon
Patrick Cormac EnglishM – 120kg+University College Dublin1523JSun Afternoon